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Year 19 Day 90 19:53
Sylvin Macflint

Ever since I began; CPM has been like the SWC extention Pac.
I was just wondering if SWC would retain a copy of Centrepoint Marketplace's
transaction records and databases/ in SWC history , up until it's end.
Or would it be a bit too infringement? Would be nice to be able to link a working file through SWC .

Year 19 Day 90 21:36
SWC will not take responsibility for 3rd party services. Someone else will need to do so.

Year 19 Day 90 23:22
Sylvin Macflint

I was afraid that would be the case. Sad if no one does as the data reflects specifically SWC commodities and their trade rates, and values through a greater portion of SWC's evolution.
Thank you Mikel

Year 19 Day 91 10:44
It's my understanding that TFM was able to scrape the CPM database, though I could be mistaken.

Year 19 Day 91 12:53

The database is still available, although I don't know how intact it is.

Year 19 Day 91 15:37
Sylvin Macflint

Thank you Jak
and Mikel

Edited By: Sylvin Macflint on Year 19 Day 91 15:38