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Archives » Fate of creatures after owner death
Alex Tylger

I could not find anything pertaining to this in the Life and Death rules. What exactly happens to creatures after the owner dies? Considering there's no creature category on the market, and creatures have no credit value save for that of their trophies, I am guessing they are simply deleted?

Victor O`Cuinn

If they are assigned to someone then they become owner. If not they should become NPC owned.

However this is speculation as I am basing them off ever other entity in SWC.



Jic Uiji

I'd assume it would be similar to NPCs, which are fired, due to there not being a spot for them on the market.


Jic Uiji

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Jic Uiji
Deleted by Jic Uiji. Reason: double post
This is the code:

creatures piloted go to the pilot
creatures managed go to the manager (players)
creatures managed go to the manager (faction)
Remaining creatures are deleted

Will update the rules for next sync.



Argo Viridian

In extension, what happens to faction owned creatures, when a faction is dissolved?

Do the same rules apply if there is a pilot or manager assigned?

The only faction asset that goes to pilot/commander is NPCs, while everything else goes straight to the galactic market. Presumably no special rule was written for creatures to go to pilot/commander, which would likely mean that they are deleted since creatures don't go to the market. Clarr or Mikel or whoever would need to check the code to verify that.



When factions are dissolved, NPCs go to the market too, however there is no ability to buy NPCs from the market.

Why even have rules when half of them are lies?