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Year 7 Day 170 13:24
I'm Just Wondering I'm Recently new and I've been told to gather CPs every Day and I haven't the slightest clue what they are or how to get them please respond


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Year 7 Day 170 13:45
Under Character information, right beneath you level is where CPs are listed. Click on it and it willt ake you to your CP sheet. If you read everything under the headings there it should be pretty self-explanetory. If you still have problems you could message me and i'll help you out.


Year 7 Day 170 16:27
You can also earn CPs by helping out the Combine (writing descriptions, reporting typos, a few other things) and by donating money.


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Year 7 Day 170 22:13
Zero Turner

those are the link areas



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Year 7 Day 178 19:50
And what do you use these CP's for?? And where can I trade them in at??


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Year 7 Day 178 19:55
Same section of the site:



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Year 7 Day 178 19:55
Adam Foxx

You can use CPs to buy ships, vehicles, 5 credits per CP, and a few other things. If you are on a planet, not inside anything, you can go go to "Exchange CPs" in the CP menu.

Year 7 Day 178 19:59
Also in the guilde at
and sections 5,6,7

Big suggestion, read over the whole guide before asking any further questions, some people get upset answering the same questions that have already been answered.



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Year 7 Day 192 19:52
Anya Turner

For some reason, I have a listing on -1000 CPs. That kinda just happened overnight. Does anyone know why?

Year 7 Day 192 21:24
Did you ever click for cps before, should it be 0 or some other number?



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Year 7 Day 193 6:36
Anya Turner

It should have been at 0.