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Archives » Cybernetics and HP Increase
Year 19 Day 311 22:06
Lazarus Grimm

When a character with cybernetic arms installed levels up, is the new HP amount based off of their original strength skill or the modified skill?

For example, Luke has a base strength skill of 3 and a cybernetic arm for a +2 bonus. His modified strength skill is 3+2=5. When he leveled, would the HP amount be calculated with a base strength of 3 or modified strength 5?

Edited By: Lazarus Grimm on Year 19 Day 311 22:15
Year 19 Day 311 22:16
Lexor Gregain

Should be based on the new modified skill and also work retroactively for all character levels.

Year 19 Day 312 2:08
Lazarus Grimm

Are you saying that this is how the mechanics work or are you making a suggestion for how things should work?

Year 19 Day 312 2:20
It's based on the modified skill.

-someone with 3+2 strength thanks to cybernetic arms


Year 19 Day 313 8:30
Strength's retroactive anyway, as Lexor said. It doesn't matter when you get strength leveled up - you'll gain all the HP you should have had all along.