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Archives » I neeh help i'm not a newb
Year 7 Day 179 0:46
Ashleigh Key

Hi this is Ashleigh Key passing on the message for Aiden Cook.........Her it is I tryed to log in and it wouldn't let me it says incorrect password so I went to the password recovery and got them to send me an e-mail I put in the passowrd for that e-mail and it wouldn't let me log in.

Year 7 Day 179 0:51
There is a Lost Password queue right now preventing the current password from being sent. This is being worked on right now; watch the Sim News.

Edited By: Syn on Year 7 Day 179 1:03


Year 7 Day 179 1:17
Ashleigh Key

Cool thanking u for Aiden

Year 7 Day 179 11:00
Adam Foxx

Yes, I was freaked out today thinking someone hacked into my account and changed my password. But, I found my new password in a e-mail.

Year 7 Day 179 12:30
If Aiden is still unable to log in, he should be able to request a new password via Lost Password, and this should not happen again.



Year 7 Day 180 1:34
Aiden Cook

Nah it fixed again for me and when my problem happened this was posted right after the sim news came out so I didn't know.