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Archives » charicter creation screen wont let me make charicter
Quibly Gezzet

ive tryed making default charicter sullustan ship engneer/ pilot i fill out his biography and stuff then when it says click to confirm i do and it makes me start over again says at top that i failed to follow rules or somthing wich is imposible i believe couse i read all the rules and i didnt make my own charicter chose a ready made one . i tryed chat help sent bug report plus bug report asks for my username and password and it dont accept it i know its case sensative whats the deal on day 2 of the problem and i been wrking on it for 2 hrs this smorning please help me

Quibly Gezzet

also it says ... error the last operation you tryed to do failed becouse you supplied faulty information please try agin following instructions....

Quibly Gezzet

now i have tryed to use firfox and i still have the same error message i also tryed manualy creating a charicter and that as well didnt work

Tycho Celchu

I talked to him in help and had him sign up for bug base to report it.


Quibly Gezzet

this has been fixed now syntac error at starting location cant move around this is geting old fast