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Year 7 Day 189 12:14
Xithos Berkner

So I understand that a faction's HQ facility is automatically protected and can't be unprotected by the owner. Therefore, since I wanted to sell the current HQ I had another one built. Now I have two and can't unprotect the old one. Is this an bug or can only the admin unprotect unused HQ facilities? The ID of the one I'd like to unprotect is 204191.

Year 7 Day 189 23:58
No, it's not a bug. You're not supposed to be able to sell HQs anymore. You may eventually be able to recycle it, though, if I remember the discussion correctly.


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Year 7 Day 191 14:17
Valat Horn

why factions cannot sell HQs when they have another one built? When HQ is abandoned, building itself should be treated as any other facility.

Year 7 Day 192 0:02
we are updating the HQ and its importance, parts of it has already been coded.

Groups will be able to re-locate, abandon and recyckling HQs from one planet to another. But you will not be able to build and sell them. Many reasons for this one was that it to some extent was abused before, as in groups was created/built HQs then sold them for a quick buck.

more to come about this shortly


Year 7 Day 192 11:55
Uther Von Kaldreon

Good thing I Built and transfered one of our HQ buildings to SFS who had theirs stolen by the previous owner.

Year 7 Day 193 2:05

the rules includes parts which makes it so that a faction can always build a new HQ if they don?t have one.

Year 7 Day 193 2:20
the above was me by the way.

annoying when you get the link sent to you and click on it without logging in first.


Year 7 Day 194 8:30
What is wrong with selling HQs for a quick buck, isn't that realistic?


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Year 7 Day 194 9:28
Kirit Hin`Kirl

There's something wrong with factions being able to build an unlimited number of all-in -one morale improving, crime reducing, job boosting facilities. I doubt if they would be limited if headquarters were useless 20x20 trashcans.

Year 7 Day 194 18:18
Since HQs are a requirement for a faction, they cannot be sold, otherwise it would be possible for a faction to exist without an HQ facility and that is not an intended outcome. For this reason factions were recently checked to ensure each is in possession of an HQ, and HQs were recently made auto-protected and unprotectable (although DeMeer has already stated that this is being updated to allow for switching of HQs and so on). It has also already been stated that the importance of the HQ facility is being updated, which will reinforce its necessity to factions.

This is a feature developed for the sake of gameplay, and as such realism takes the backseat to playability. HQ facilities are not just ordinary facilities.



Year 7 Day 195 13:38
Valat Horn

And if faction moved its HQ (has another protected HQ) to another part of the galaxy why they cannot sell useless building to other factions ?

Year 7 Day 195 14:10
because if they move their HQ there won?t be a HQ to sell


Year 7 Day 196 1:29
Valat Horn

I think I don't understand something...
Faction has a command centre (HQ) in system A and command center built in system B.
Faction wants CC in system B to be its new HQ.
So after this CC (B) is a new HQ and CC (A) is a standard facility. Why faction is not allowed to unprotect & sell CC (A) ? - it's not a HQ anymore...

Or relocation of an HQ means 'physical' movement of a facility???

Year 7 Day 196 3:27
Yes, the HQ relocation DeMeer is referring to is not yet implemented. Currently HQ facilities cannot be unprotected, even if your faction has multiple HQs. HQ A, in your example, is still an HQ facility - when a faction gains enough membership to build a second HQ, that allows the faction to possess multiple HQ facilities simultaneously (as opposed to allowing it to simply replace an HQ). Relocation/abandonment/recycling of HQ facilities is something you will need to wait for and is not currently available.