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Year 7 Day 191 15:24
I was wondering if there was a way you could change your character? Cause I dont like the character I currently have created. I understand that you cant do this because of force powers. But I do not want to be force sensetive so I dont care. Im just not happy with the race and skills I have chosen. Is there any way an Admin can help me?




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Year 7 Day 191 16:41
No, there isn't. You'll have to get yourself killed In Character, and then wait the 3 weeks to recreate.


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Year 7 Day 348 9:13
Krane Daran

HI, i m noob,

And of course i messed the skill allocation. It is all my fault, i read the rules and just have a dumb memory ! I put skills points in skills i CANT use due to my race restrictions.

And I am in the same case as Vinx Vagan I dont care about force (i am Hutt and have 0%, by choice).

But i am happy with the RP start i made and the faction i joined, people i met.... well i m having fun. So i was wondering if an admin could answer my request and twick my silly stats.

Or do i really need to suicice!!!


(Just a player willing to enjoy the game).

Year 7 Day 348 10:02
Hal pretty muched answered it


Year 7 Day 348 15:06
Krane Daran

Aye, but that's pretty encouraging people to leave.

Year 7 Day 348 16:12
Not really.SWC has far more people creating characters with the thought they will be force sensitive from the start then people who later are unhappy with the type of character they created.I agree whole heartedly with the 3 week thing in the event someone gets killed or they just want to re-roll because they didnt get a Jedi or Sith.


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Year 7 Day 349 2:07
Krane Daran

Aye Glaeken, I do understand the 3 weeks delay for people abusing the force sensitive luck. And its a good thing.

But it is not my case. I m Hutt, and Hutt CANT have the force. (Hutt have 0% chance to have the force).

So, from a good rule to avoid people abusing the system, it turns to be "NO WAY" to everybody...

So in my case, i only ask a little tune of my char :
1) I m dumb, and its cool to help dumb people.
2) When creating a hutt, why am i able to allocate point in skill that are forbiden to my race ???
3) I was in my RP trip, i wanted to be a merchant/trader and thought it was cool for me to pilot freighters....(Hutt cant pilot freighter, i read it, but did not remember).
4) One can check my stats i have nothing into combat. I only wanted a cool trader. That would be really sad to comit suicide.


Year 7 Day 349 2:35

Two is a valid point, I've never heard of someone choosing a race with a restriction and then putting skill points in the skill restricted before though. When people join the game, even if they read the restriction, being able to put skill points in a skill they can't use would be confusing.


Year 7 Day 349 13:07

It would be a good idea for the suggestion forum [hint hint] that race-restricted skills be made unavailable during creation and subsequent point allocations.

However, I don't really see an exception being made for you, both because you acknowledge that the rules state that Hutts cannot pilot freighters [and that you read that before creating your character], and because then there would be a flood of people giving reasons why they too deserve an exception.

I do sympathize, but I suggest you start considering a plan B--either a stardive or learning to accept life as a Hutt who would be really good at piloting freighters if only he could fit in the hatch.


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Year 7 Day 349 13:28
Krane Daran

I am sure you do understand that the rule was made for Force exploit.

Otherwise its just a boring useless rule. This is why i belive an admin can spend 2 mins of its time.
But maybe Admin are not dedicated for the the fun of the game.

Year 7 Day 349 14:05
Unfortunately that isn't the sole reason for the implementation of that rule - it's just the most often mentioned reason since it tends to recur with some frequency. It also aims to discourage players from skill changes and race changes anytime they decide they don't like their skills and race anymore. This is not unlike players we've had in the past who created as a Hutt without reading the rules to learn that Hutts are incapable of piloting, and then wanted to switch to a race that could.



Year 7 Day 349 16:23

It also exists so we can't instantly respawn pilots for our fleets and create a never ending battle (well, at least till one side ran out of stockpiled ships anyway).


Year 7 Day 349 17:01
Ral has opened a topic for this in the Suggestions forum as was advised for you to do yourself, Daran, so that this won't be a problem in the future. I suspect that if it is implemented as he suggests, you may have a chance at getting those skill points back.