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Year 7 Day 197 8:17
Maric Durmin

hi, I'm fairly new to combine. Since i joined i've had a major problem. I can't access any options for my items. I can't unequip or stow any items and it is really annoying. can some body please help me?

Year 7 Day 197 9:43
Note how it says "Comming Soon" under the items tab. You can't do anythign with them yet, and I think that includes equiping them. (I could be wrong though, I've been known to be mistaken)


Year 7 Day 197 9:47
He is wrong :)

To equip an item however, it's not under your inventory, it's under "Position", then scroll down and click "Items". It'll show you all items in the same room as you, you can pick them up and equip them :) If you buy items from a shopkeeper, he drops the items on the counter/floor/whatever for you, so be sure to equip them to yourself before you leave! :)


Year 7 Day 197 17:35
Maric Durmin

yes i know, i said Fairly new. i have a knife equiped and know i can't do anything with it

Year 7 Day 197 18:38
Currently you can only equip or unequip an item, or place it inside another item (if allowed) or drop it.

Not much else yet.



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Year 7 Day 198 0:44
Ranma, if you read his post more carefully, he's saying he CAN'T do any of those things.

He has a knife equipped, and he can't unequip OR stow it.

Geez, people, if you're going to try to be helpful, at least read the information he provided. He was really quite detailed, especially compared to some around here.

If you don't KNOW the answer, don't post.


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Year 7 Day 198 3:36
Well it looks like no one can do anything with items.



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Year 7 Day 198 4:22
But yet you still get charged when trying to buy them. I want my 3k back! :P


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Year 7 Day 198 10:21
Maric Durmin

*UPDATE* I can acess the options that are there but when i try to stow them it just says You cannot acess this item. i can drop them though. they are pretty useless on account of that a have a non-projectile skill of 0 :/

Edited By: Maric Durmin on Year 7 Day 198 10:24
Year 7 Day 198 11:13
Well, do you have any item where you can stow them into (i.e. a coverall, belt, backpack or trunk)?


Year 7 Day 198 14:16
Orion fixed the page. But items are pretty much useless right now.



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