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Year 7 Day 201 11:47
Hey, I was reading the Support section, and it said that I can work in support of the Combine, well my skills are:
Graphics -
I'm an expert Photoshop 7.0 and Imageready 7.0 user.
I'm also an experienced Corel Painter user.
I know how to use Macromedia Flash MX and Dreamweaver, but I'm not so experienced on them.
I am really experienced on 3D landscaping with Terragen.
here is some of my art:
you can look at some of my other work here:

My online availability is very high, I'm usually available mostly everyday of the week, especially from 3:00pm - 9:00pm, but the times are flexible.

You can contact me at any of the following:
my e-mail address:
AIM: juanxprats
my art site:
my myspace:

Thank you for taking the time to read this :]


Year 7 Day 201 14:54

Send an e-mail to the relevant departments you feel you could be useful towards, and include any useful links or information.



Year 7 Day 201 16:10
Adam Foxx

Nice work

Year 7 Day 202 11:02
Year 7 Day 206 20:21
Kyle Rainer

I don't believe I was contacted by you but luckily I was guided to this topic. I think you should be able to fit in nicely in the art team if you would like to join still that is.