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Year 7 Day 203 10:33
Kash Novan

im looking to become a light side jedi were can i become one is there a temple

Year 7 Day 203 11:03
Rika Lawson

You can become a Jedi if you should find a trained force user who is willing to test you. If you are found to be force sensitive, and only then you can start training.

Now, the problem you will encounter is:
Finding a trained force user who's willing to test you. They are usually not moving into public just because someone wants to be tested. With Out Of Faction Arrest/Execute around they are somewhat careful.

For the notes, it's easier to assume that your character is not force sensitive, because, in fact, it's unlikely that you are indeed force sensitive.

Year 7 Day 203 13:28
Kash Novan


Year 8 Day 3 3:06
Ziggy Cloudsurfer

Can someone train me to be a jedi? please I realy want to be one!

Year 8 Day 3 3:11

Read Rika's post.


Year 8 Day 3 3:19
Deleted Post
Ziggy Cloudsurfer
Deleted by Ziggy Cloudsurfer. Reason: There's nothing on it
Year 8 Day 3 3:20
Ziggy Cloudsurfer

i know how to be a jedi i just want some one to train me

Year 8 Day 3 3:27
Apparently you don't know ...


Year 8 Day 3 3:28
Ziggy Cloudsurfer

Will someone just train me into a jedi

Year 8 Day 3 4:14
Ziggy Cloudsurfer

Please may someone train me into a jedi Please! please! I realy want to be one!!!

Year 8 Day 3 4:45
Kirit Hin`Kirl

Acting like a fool on the message board will *not* make anyone test you. Quite the opposite, actually.

Year 8 Day 3 7:01
Ziggy Cloudsurfer

I'm not making people test me i'm asking people to test me

Year 8 Day 3 7:04
Ziggy Cloudsurfer

I'll try and pay the person how makes me into a jedi

Year 8 Day 3 10:24
This isn't a "begging forum" or "trying to get force tested" forum. Please make a new thread if you have a question that belongs here.