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Year 7 Day 205 20:51
Aiden Cook

How many people messages have had a 404 error page on it.

Is there anyway for me to view my messages i'm in a very important buisness deal

Year 7 Day 205 20:59
HEY! I got that too and i was in the middle of important stuff too! It happened right after someone sent me messages saying spaaaaaaaaam and its a little suspicious to be a coincedence! I need my messages!

Year 7 Day 205 21:33
Need messages to finish job, same 404 error. Please fix it so things can go a bit smoother...*goes to fix his settings to send message to his email as well >_

Year 7 Day 205 21:49
In about a half an hour of looking around the problem centre, ive found about 5 people with the same error 404 problem and they are all from TODAY!

Year 7 Day 205 22:31
Aiden Cook

PISS it happened again

Year 7 Day 205 23:03
yeah, my messages went back to normal and IT HAPPENED AGAIN!!!

Year 7 Day 205 23:26
Darkness Messages are, as the current error message indicates, currently offline. They will hopefully be back up sometime over the course of the next day.



Year 7 Day 206 0:09
I assume someone is getting banned for this? Or did Kran slip another multi past the security measures?


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Year 7 Day 206 0:57
The latter; already banned.



Year 7 Day 206 8:01
Zen Savo

I was asleep when this happened. So i am also assuming he spammed me too. And this is the worst day! I got so much scheduled. Well, I can live with it. Good thing that you handled it :)

Year 7 Day 206 10:27
Kai Xaviar

With the mail down if you apply to a faction does this mean the leader will not receiver the application?



Those who stand for no-one, fall for anyone.

Year 7 Day 206 10:44
Xithos Berkner

The mail system is seperate from faction join requests, so faction leaders will still receive new applications.

Year 7 Day 206 11:44
Kai Xaviar

Thanks, good to know.



Those who stand for no-one, fall for anyone.

Year 7 Day 206 22:46
Aiden Cook

Another question to do with messages I click on messages then it goes here be content

Year 7 Day 207 0:28
Messages are disabled again.



Year 7 Day 212 3:44
Aiden Cook

Will the security code on the messages ever go or is it no with us permanetly

Year 7 Day 212 11:31
As of now, they will be with us permantly.


Raphael Javiae Kiltron III
Year 7 Day 212 17:57
Aiden Cook


Edited By: Aiden Cook on Year 7 Day 212 17:57