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Year 7 Day 206 10:08
James Boyd

Can i have my handle Changed to Bo Starrider. The one i already have is to close to real name.

Edited By: James Boyd on Year 7 Day 209 13:37
Year 7 Day 206 12:49
Veldrin Dukar

I dont think you can change your name after you create a character, but I could be wrong.

Year 7 Day 206 12:53
If it's close to his real name it is sometimes allowed. Might be better to put this in Questions For Admin though.


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Year 7 Day 206 20:48
James Boyd

Ya it is too close. {Privacy reasons. You wouldn't want your name on there would oyu.

Year 7 Day 206 21:17
Yet you've listed your name here in very public fashion?


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Year 7 Day 207 5:54
James Boyd

My Mistake. But i need it changed. Is this ok. I have seen others name get changed.

Year 7 Day 207 6:52
James Boyd

I have emailed on the problem. They should take care of it right.

Year 7 Day 207 16:37
Yep, they are the ones in charge of handle changes.



Year 7 Day 208 8:50
James Boyd

They havn't replied yet.

Year 7 Day 208 9:06
jst a note, you can edit your first post and remove your real name from this thread. and they will respond, just be patient



Year 7 Day 210 6:51
James Boyd

THey still havn't replied. Does it really take this long.

Year 7 Day 210 14:09
I?m pretty sure I replied to a message from you the other day.


Year 7 Day 210 14:31
James Boyd

Well i never got it then. Send it again.

Year 7 Day 210 17:11
Sorry, I pretty much been ignoring this, for I been doing many other assistantsimmaster jobs.

Lets see, there is the bunny, joe, selatos and the head admins, surprise surprise, I answer pretty much every email that is sent. Accept for yours, well this weekend if no one else has done anything I will answer :)

Oh yes one other email about stuck ships inside other ships that the owner is inactive and wants the stuck ships magically fixed.



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Year 7 Day 211 5:29
James Boyd


Year 7 Day 213 11:43
James Boyd

It still hasn't been changed.