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Barron Crial

Error: the last operation you tried to do failed because you supplied faulty information, please try again following the instructions.

-This is what i get when i try to send a message to some one who is buying my ship... I'm letting him fly it right now, but he does'nt have full ownership until he pays me the money he owes me...

But i'm confuse because the message said i supplied faulty info.. But hes useing the ship, he has the cords and the price all is left is i have to give the ship over to him and he gives me the money... BUT he did'nt have the money and he told me to wait until july, well its july... also i cant message him because of this error..

Please help,

Barron Crial


Theres a snake in my boot.
Are you typing in the security code to send the message correctly?



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Barron Crial

No.. How do you do that?


Theres a snake in my boot.
Xeon Cartagho

there is a random number in an image at the lower left of the input box, just type in the random numbers/letters that you see in the image before you send the message in the small input box below the image.

Barron Crial



Theres a snake in my boot.
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Aiden Cook
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