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Archives » Malicious Files From SWC Top Site
Year 7 Day 219 13:39
Today I went looking for some Star Wars images. I went to the Star Wars Source here. http://starwars.justjohn.info/ This site is on your Top Site's List.

While I was on this site it attempted to download malicious files on my computer such as trojans and other viruses. Thanks to Norton Anti Virus I stopped and deleted them. I wasnt sure if it was the site at first so I went to it again and the same thing occurered.

Forgive me if this is the wrong place to post this...



sth.png\"Prosperity Through Unity
Year 7 Day 219 17:51
Someone probably put it into a banner that the top site is showing. I got one once from a banner on the exchange here on SWC. It's probably not the fault of SWC or the other site, and I imagine it will be cleaned soon.

Nice warning, though.


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Year 7 Day 219 18:31
I'm not saying it was anyones fault. But I am saying If I didnt have Norton my computer would have been fried. Not everyone has an Anti-Virus Software so it would be good to warn them.



sth.png\"Prosperity Through Unity