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Year 7 Day 240 9:22
I cant log in and ive tried all available solutions. my handle is Jodero Delhashean

Year 7 Day 240 10:11
Have you really tried everything in the stickies (especially installing Firefox)? Since according to your account info, you last logged in around 20 minutes ago ... half an hour after you posted this.
I suppose you are having a cookie problem, so please go over the things in the respective topics again.


Year 7 Day 240 11:50
I have. but I still cant reach my profile. it keeps me at the login page.

Year 7 Day 240 11:58
plus i have't logged in yet.

Year 7 Day 240 12:23
According to your account info, you are logged in at this moment, and you have already created your character.
What exactly happens when you log in? Does the screen simply refresh? Or do you get to the members page but get logged out when you click a link?


Year 8 Day 210 17:21
im having the exact same problem and i cant figure out wat to do, it says my acount is logged in but im not actually in, my handle is kankotor starhopper

Year 8 Day 210 21:14
Did you follow the steps in the sticky thread? Firefox should fix your problem.



Year 8 Day 214 11:24
I have firefox, but when I am creating my character, I am sent back to log in.