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Year 7 Day 245 6:23
Gordon Gekko


I have a question concerning the multi rules. I play from work and from my smartphone, yet I have a co-worker (character name: Adom Juna) who also plays from work, from home and from his smartphone. We both work in the same building, although he is two floors apart and on the other side of the building, we registered the accounts with the mulit accounts department just to make sure since I didnt want to incur a ban.

If you are sharing your computer or internet connection with other persons that are also members of the Combine, you must register all accounts by sending the handles to register to - this includes handles and the email addresses of all players using the computer. Players who are sharing a connection must all be members of the same faction or one or all may be freelancers.  

My question is this: Since we dont use the same terminals to play on, and we have seperate paid email accounts that we used during registration, are we bound to the multi rules, specifically limiting either of us to the same faction or one freelancer and one player in a faction?


Year 7 Day 245 13:48
I added an exception to your account because you described it so nicely. You can be in different factions with worries of being banned.



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Year 7 Day 245 15:17
Um.. what? Players connecting from the same IP address need to be in the same faction or one or both freelance. Exceptions for "describing things nicely" is a new one.. As the individual currently standing in for Kyle, the multi director, I'm afraid you won't be able to receive an exception, Gordon.

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Year 7 Day 246 4:55
Gordon Gekko

Thanks for answering my questions.

Year 7 Day 246 5:13
Jale Darkfighter

To clarify, is this to stop others reporting information about anothers faction?

I noticed its against the rules to join a faction with the intention of spying on them.

Year 7 Day 246 5:20
Yes, that is the reasoning behind this, whether the infraction be accidental or intentional. Otherwise, for example, it can be very easy for registered multis (especially those sharing computers) to accidentally leave information about their faction saved on the hard drive, where their friend/relative can find it.