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Year 7 Day 260 16:43
Leila Halcyon

I've been trying to add someone to the crew of my ship, but I keep getting the message "[handle] does/do not exist"

Help please?

Year 7 Day 260 18:03
David Kellar

Well, lets see, make sure the handle is exactly spelled right, also check capitalization, finally make sure they did not die.

Year 7 Day 261 1:03
If you're still having trouble, you might try posting the user's handle (exactly the way you're trying to enter it) so we can look into it.



Year 7 Day 261 18:05
Leila Halcyon

I got the spelling right and he's not dead. He's Jon Victor, btw.

Year 7 Day 262 1:12
Works fine for me; if you like, you can assign me as Commander of the ship and I'll try to add him.



Year 7 Day 263 14:02
Leila Halcyon

It's not actually my ship. It's my faction's.

Year 7 Day 264 0:48
Can you add anyone else to the crewlist or do you receive the same error? If you have your own ship, are you able to add him to that crewlist (to see if the problem lies just with the one ship, or perhaps with faction-owned ships, rather than all ships)?

In the meantime, it would probably be fastest for you to let your faction know and see if they can have someone else add him to the crewlist to bypass this.



Year 7 Day 264 23:10
Interesting. I just experienced this recently with a couple of faction ships that I was piloting. Only after entering the cockpit of the ship I was trying to give crewlist access too was I able to add the desired person. At first I thought this was a feature, but I may be mistaken.

Edited By: Arc Davaire on Year 7 Day 265 10:33

Year 7 Day 265 4:02
Are you set as commander of the ship? You should definitely be able to add names to the crewlist from anywhere as commander. I recall that not being possible some time ago for just the pilot, but I am able to access the management page as pilot now, so that may have changed.

In any case, being told that the handle does not exist is definitely a bug, provided the handle being entered is indeed valid. Please make a bug report detailing under what circumstances that message was received and a programmer will look into it as time permits.



Year 7 Day 265 10:14
David Kellar

Talked to Leila and it is fixed.

Year 7 Day 265 18:53
Leila Halcyon

It's fixed to the extent that I boarded that ship and added him there. I'll send a bug report in.