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Year 7 Day 274 4:28
L`kar Ho`dar

Cannot get back to my ship, cannot get back into the building I was in. Will relate specifics to admin in mail if more ino is needed.


Only two ways to go; living fast, or dying slow.
Year 7 Day 274 5:38
Um yes, more information would be nice.

What exactly were you doing? What messages are you getting? What's going on? If you can't answer these basic questions on this forum, there's no point in opening a thread here in the first place.



Year 7 Day 274 9:49
L`kar Ho`dar

Hope this is basic enough:

1) Was over warehouse to pick up materilas.
2) Entered warehouse.
3) tried to leave warehouse, could not enter ship.
4) Exitted warehouse.
5) Now cannot get to either ship nor warehouse since top left corner of warehouse is "surrounded" by other buildings.
6) Would like to get back into ship.

Message received none, simply no option to get into warehouse I was in nor ship I was in.


Only two ways to go; living fast, or dying slow.
Year 7 Day 275 15:37
L`kar Ho`dar

Guess this means no? Why is there not a petition system in place?


Only two ways to go; living fast, or dying slow.
Year 7 Day 275 18:06
There is the Bug Base, if that's what you mean. However, according to one of the programmers you should be able to enter the facility from any side of it; people just commonly park over the top left corner since it's easiest just to re-enter their ship. Are you positive you did everything correctly - you returned to the entry room within the facility and hit the 'Enter' button to re-enter your ship?

If you are unable to re-enter the facility from any direction now, and you are positive it is still assigned to you, you can report it as a bug, being sure to include a full description of what happened as well as the facility ID.