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Year 7 Day 282 10:41
Sam Daaz

When I click that I can't see new posts even if my cookies are enabled. What can I do to make it work?

Year 7 Day 282 11:12
David Kellar

Are you using firefox?

Year 7 Day 282 14:03
Sam Daaz

yes I am

Year 7 Day 282 15:42
David Kellar

Hmm I had the same issue a few days ago and never figured it out, though it started working again a day later, anyone else have any ideas?

Year 7 Day 282 16:44
Sam Daaz

Sadly, it has never worked for me :(

Year 7 Day 282 19:53
Sam Daaz

I see it says "no cookie" when I click it.

Year 7 Day 283 15:55
I assume you've tried clearing your cookies and logging back into SWC?



Year 7 Day 283 17:56
Nafro Coto

It has never worked for me either.

Year 7 Day 283 18:41
James diGriz

You have to click the "Mark all Read." button and then try it. WOrked fine for me.

Year 7 Day 284 17:15
Deleted Post
Dayyn Gorvai
Deleted by Dayyn Gorvai. Reason: I saw a new post, once I typed this post :P ... go figure.
Year 7 Day 285 18:36
Sam Daaz

Thank you James that solved my problem, I'd like to add that you have to click each section:MESSAGE CENTRE+MARK ALL READ, RPG CENTRE+MARK ALL READ, PROBLEM CENTRE+MARK ALL READ...

So that it shows the new posts for each one. I think it sets the cookie when you do that.

Edited By: Sam Daaz on Year 7 Day 285 18:38