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Welcome to the Star Wars Combine Celebrity Deathmatch.

The tournaments will start off by randomly selecting 16 users from the database who have specified that they wish to participate in the tourneys. The Winner and Runner Up will be then qualified for a Tournament of Champions to be held later.

Tournaments will be one round per week, there will be a week break between the finish and start of a new tourney.

If you want to participate in the Deathmatch Tournaments go to your OOC Profile, and under player profile, change your Deathmatch No to a Yes.

Grudge Matches may be filled out and submitted via the Grudge Signup page. Grudge Matches are just some matches you would like to see, or if you want to try and defeat someone or if you actually do have a grudge against someone, go for it. Eric Jackson will approve or decline Grudge Matches, and each Grudge Match will last one week. I will probably allow around 6-10 Grudge Matches a week, if that many are submitted.