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Timeframe: Timeline

While the Combine tries to be as authentic of a Star Wars experience as we can possibly make it, it is also necessary to allow the players of the simulation to develop their own galaxy and politics, separate from the continuity of the movies and books, but still linked to it. The timeline project recounts the events of our galaxy - the Star Wars Combine galaxy - and tells how and where we diverge from the events of the canon Star Wars galaxy.

The characters we know so well from the books and movies never existed - this time it is up to you to become the heroes... and the villains!

During the last decades of the Galactic Republic, the galaxy was in turmoil. Petty conflicts between member worlds and wide-spread corruption in the Senate and the government's bureaucracy led to events that would change the course of the galaxy forever.

Taking advantage of the economic instability in the rim regions of the galaxy, the Sith approached the disgruntled Trade Federation, urging them to demonstrate against the Galactic Republic's trade restrictions with a show of brute force. The Sith, using subtle force persuasion on the weak minded Neimodian Viceroy, convinced them that an assault on the planet of Averam in the Seswenna sector would send the right message back to Republic politicians on Coruscant.

As news of the Trade Federation's aggression reached the capital planet of the Galactic Republic, the Senate was thrown in to disarray. Multiple senators called for the resignation of the reigning Supreme Chancellor who had signed and enforced the trade restrictions. Drayson, the young and charming senator of Averam, personally led the call for new elections.

As elections proceeded, the ongoing situation on Averam caused many of the senators to sympathise with Drayson and vote in his favour, beating such popular candidates as Zee Wolf of Alderaan and Mon Akira of Mon Calamari. He emerged as a clear victor, vowing to ensure the stability of the Galactic Republic and promises of a democracy free of corruption.

Drayson was, in truth, a talented politician who had become a puppet for the Dark Side from early on in his political career. Two of his most trusted advisors were Vodo Bonias, a former Republic military attach´┐Ż to Averam, and Suntzu, a senator representing "the Ten" and Kuat in interstellar matters. The two had carefully shaped him over the years to make him do their bidding. While headstrong, he was not immune to the subtle influences of the Dark Side.

Using the military might of Kuat and Rendili, Averam was liberated quickly and the Trade Federation went in to retreat, though little was done to prosecute its leadership. As years went by, Drayson carefully extended and strengthened the influence and power of his office with the backing of the very same corrupt types he had originally vowed to vanquish.

Drayson's term as Supreme Chancellor brought much prosperity to the core worlds of the galaxy and his popularity among the elite of the galaxy ensured that any questioning of his policies regarding the situation in the outer rim and the handling of the Trade Federation after the occupation was considered taboo. He appointed his most trusted advisors to key positions, ensuring his absolute control of the Galactic Republic's top workings.

It soon became clear that the Trade Federation, once again influenced by the Sith, had sought the assistance of many economical powers such as the Commerce Guild, Corporate Alliance and Black Sun in an effort to create a new government superpower independent of the Galactic Republic. The Confederacy of Independent systems was formed in the Glythe sector, in close proximity to the galactic core.

Jedi Master Bodo Baas was dispatched to the outer rim to investigate rumours of industrial activity and traffic to systems which were not on the galactic charts. He stumbled upon Kamino, a aquatic world which population excelled at the art of cloning. The Kaminoans informed Baas that the Jedi Council, acting on behalf of the Senate, had ordered a clone army to be created for the Galactic Republic some ten years earlier. Upon conferring with the Jedi Council on Coruscant, Baas found nothing that would indicate that the Senate had ordered such an army, nor that anyone on the council had relayed such an order.

The Confederacy of Independent Systems began an all-out war with the Galactic Republic, starting with attacks in the Sumitra and Centrality sectors. The chaos that ensued, and the appearance of the mysterious but convenient clone army, led to the creation of a centralised and uniform Republic military, followed by the Senate granting emergency powers to the Supreme Chancellor.

While curious about the clone army's origin, the Jedi had little time to investigate as the responsibility of leading the war was thrust upon them. The clone wars began to spread to all corners of the galaxy, with more and more starsystems joining the conflict daily. During this time, the Republic's military annexed many of the fleets and armies belonging to its member worlds, in order to more effectively fight the new enemy.

Suntzu was appointed as commander of the Republic's outer rim defence forces while Vodo Bonias remained on Coruscant, acting as Supreme Chancellor Drayson's chief military advisor. Meanwhile the war saw the rise of many prominent figures in the ranks of the Republic military. Piett, Lodge and Simms were just a few of the officers who served with remarkable distinction and were hailed as heroes of the Republic while being eased in to Drayon's inner circle.

The war had terrible consequences and the ranks of the Jedi Order were slowly but steadily thinned down. The Grand Master of the Jedi Order, Relm, urged Drayson to give diplomacy another try, but the Supreme Chancellor remained defiant as he was unwilling to bow down to the Confederacy's aggression.

After three years of horrid conflict, the Confederacy, in a seemingly rash move, attacked the Republic's capital world Coruscant with a fleet under the direct command of several of its most prominent leaders. As the battle ensued, several Jedi were able to board the flagship of the Confederacy and capture many of its leadership figures.

While the war raged on in the galaxy, the Confederacy leaders were put on trial on Coruscant. While they had been in the Viceroy's inner circle, they had little knowledge of who the true leader of the Confederacy was, other than that he was a prominent force user. This led to speculation, by Drayson controlled media, that the Jedi Order was behind the entire conflict in order to bring an organised military under their direct control.

The captured Confederate leadership was conveniently murdered in their cells by a lightsaber shortly after, further feeding the rumours about the Jedi's involvement in the causes of the conflict. Several Jedi Knights were pointed out as the ones who had ordered the clone army and also influenced the Trade Federation's Viceroy. As the Jedi trio met with Drayson to discuss the accusations, they were attacked by the Sith in the Supreme Chancellor's office.

The final stage of the Sith's plan was now in motion. Drayson, sporting several lightsaber cuts on his cheek and arms as well as some deformation on his right arm from force lightning, addressed the Senate, informing them of the Jedi betrayal. Throughout the galaxy, the Republic military began to murder their Jedi generals, though many were able to elude the clone troops. Drayson announced the formation of the first Galactic Empire to thunderous applause from the senators. Meanwhile such senators as Zee Wolf, Mon Akira and Syrous looked on with concern before aiding the escape of Masters Relm and Bodo Baas from Coruscant. As their goal had been achieved, Vodo Bonias met with the Confederacy's leadership on Vinsoth. Once the Confederate military had deactivated, the Sith Lord wiped out its leadership, effectively ending the conflict.

The transition from Republic to Empire went smoothly as much power already rested with its leader, Drayson. He sought to eradicate all Jedi throughout the galaxy and also established a mighty military. Though there was a growing fear among those who still believed in such ideals and democracy that the Senate would eventually be dissolved. This gave rise to the creation of the Rebel Alliance, led in secret by senator Zee Wolf and Mon Akria and the remaining Jedi which were in hiding.

Eventually the Sith were confident that they had been hidden long enough and decided to dispose of Drayson who had been an effective puppet, but now rather useless. While Drayson escaped the attempt on his life, Vodo Bonias, with the help of the head of the Imperial Army, Balsaraph, named Suntzu to Emperor of the Galactic Empire following a brief skirmish between ships loyal to the two authority figures.

As the Senate was dissolved by the new despot supported by the Sith, many former senators fled the core worlds, fearing persecution at the hands of the tyrannical government. The establishment of new regional Moffs had made the Senate obsolete. Many of the former senators flocked together in the outer rim, making their formerly underground resistance a full scale rebellion with an organised military.

The reign of Emperor Suntzu lasted for less than two months and was a design created by the Dark Lord Vodo Bonias to strengthen his own coming ascension to the throne and to allow the Sith to set up a shadow organization within the ranks of the Galactic Empire, including Officers like Spytek and Simms.

Little more then one month after that Suntzu was named Emperor Vodo Bonias removed Suntzu from the throne of the Galactic Empire and claimed it for himself. Balsaraph, who willingly had helped Bonias to overthrow Drayson and place Suntzu on the throne felt betrayed and embarked for the rims. Several months later Balsaraphr met up with the former emperor Drayson. The two exiles merged their forces and formed the Order of Darkness (OOD) as a tool to take back the throne. But the imperial war machine supported by the sith easily destroyed their opponents making it an futile attempt. The following years remained somewhat calm as the Imperial Military strengthened their hold of the core systems and expanded outwards, incorporating more and more system into the Empire. But in the outer rims rumors could be heard about the organization known as the Rebel Alliance and no one could say what the future would hold for the galaxy. Order and stability, peace and democracy, only one thing was certain war was once again coming to the galaxy.

The Galactic Empire officially acknowledges the existence of the Rebel Alliance, following a Rebel declaration of war.

The Combine "starts".