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If they were all this easy. (Posted by Noctis on Year 21 Day 336)
1 Year 21 Day 336, 15:31 Noctis banned player Draco Venom providing the following reason: Multi Ban - Failing to register, acc...

It's an addicting game. (Posted by Noctis on Year 21 Day 293)
Year 21 Day 293, 6:26 Noctis banned player Xinnu Thax providing the following reason: Multi Ban - Dav Koor, Kam Spider, Dak Kah...

A miracle of life and a couple bans (Posted by Baugrems on Year 21 Day 284)
 9 Year 21 Day 284, 16:34 Bane Senatu has been revived by Baugrems.   The dead live again! Due to some poor form cheating the...

Community News

NPC and Quest Team (Posted by Baugrems on Year 21 Day 285)
The NPC and Quest Team is open for more members. Ever since Galaxy Fest, I have been drowning in questions about the team, how to w...

More clicky things. (Posted by Evan on Year 21 Day 12)

Galaxy Fest has closed (Posted by Baugrems on Year 21 Day 271)
Here is the Top 10 for the Galaxy Fest ticket counts. Top 5 got grand prizes. The top 3 chose moons in Bright Jewel. The next two t...

Technical News

Combat Change - Stun (Posted by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 4)
This is a fairly large change and really the first of a chain that will be coming over the next while. This won't affect how most p...

XP update and Newbie Tutorial (Posted by Baugrems on Year 21 Day 365)
Two announcements, both being shoved into one sim news! A long running complaint about the experience/leveling system in the game ...

Droid Hunters Rejoice. (Posted by Baugrems on Year 21 Day 363)
A new challenger approaches! Bandits now have a chance of including the iconic IG-88. See the rules below. Not much else to say her...

(Posted by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 4 3:58)

This is a fairly large change and really the first of a chain that will be coming over the next while. This won't affect how most people see combat, but a few will see big changes to their strategy with just this one simple change.

For players level 3 and up, dropping to 1hp in any way (combat, doors, Quests, creature scripts, etc.) will be stunned for 10 hours. This creates an additional fire delay and acts the same as a combat fire delay. This will greatly discourage some of the poor methods of bashing on creatures unarmed/lightly armed for weeks. And it will force some of you to be more strategic in how you approach combat in general.


The 10 hour time is adjustable but is unlikely to change soon. Other enhancements we make to combat/the game will be tied to this as well. Stay tuned and enjoy the current wrench in your xp farm!

(Posted by Baugrems on Year 21 Day 365 13:10)

Two announcements, both being shoved into one sim news!

A long running complaint about the experience/leveling system in the game has been the absolute advantage of ground combat. It is hard to compete with a dedicated hunter even if you build like crazy and produce a ton. To... combat... this advantage we have added a system to scale various types of XP in the game. Individual adjustments can now be made to the xp system on a percentage based scale. It might take some time to fine tune it to good levels, so keep an eye out for future announcements about adjustments.


Subject to change, here is the list of changes:

Travel experience is doubled (200%)

Production experience is now at 220%

Construction experience is at 130%

Station Construction is at 150%

Space Combat is at 130%

Everything else is staying as is FOR NOW. We will watch and adjust if needed. There is also potential for "double XP weekends/Holidays". A rules page is under construction to display current levels of xp as well.


MOVING ON! Newbie Tutorial System is next!

We announced not that long ago that we were working to change new player experience. This system is now live for newly created characters. There is an option to skip and spawn as 'usual', but the default will be to do the learning quest. At some point we will add in the ability for people to go back and try the quest, but it is not set up yet for that. 

Evan made a really cool guide page for the newbie quest world. He will finish it off soon but for the moment it covers the first half of the quest. Feel free to reference the page so you know what newbies have seen.

The list of "Joined in the last 24 hours" will no longer display newbies who... joined in the last 24 hours. It will instead show those that completed the newbie quest in the last 24 hours (or skipped it).

(Posted by Baugrems on Year 21 Day 363 10:53)

A new challenger approaches! Bandits now have a chance of including the iconic IG-88. See the rules below. Not much else to say here. Enjoy the new droid, if you can catch one.


(Posted by Baugrems on Year 21 Day 354 10:46)

The New Player experience in SWC has not been amazing over the last... forever. A tiny menu that mentions rules and forums are overshadowed by a blinking yellow mail icon where newbies are encouraged to join a group. A ton of the staff support tickets are helping new players spawn, find a group, figure out the game, and so forth. Tutorials are long overdue and should not be ONLY from the faction they might join.


We are happy to announce a complete change to how new players will join the game. Once a character is created, the player is instantly spawned on the Newbie Tutorial Planet. No more awkward "Choose but Don't Choose Starting Location". They will get a DM from a Quest Handler NPC that welcomes them to the game, gives them links to Discord/Question Forum/Newbie Forum, and tells them how to proceed to do the new player quests. These quests will walk a player through SWC's game style, basics of play, and more. Expect new players to know how to walk around, equip themselves, shoot stuff, board entities, pilot entities, chat on forums/discord, and manage NPC quests. This will expand over time but we will announce new features. A full list of features will be released alongside the system later this month via rules pages.


This new generation of newbies will be better equipped and have more wealth than current new players and will be able to choose from a large list of Darkness worlds to start at (after the tutorial) with their starter ship and gear on hand. This wealth is earned via the quest and those who choose to skip the quest will not receive the same rewards. Starter ships will range from scrappy fighters and hefty gunships all the way to small freighters depending on player choices. Hunting equipment won't just be hide armor and a knife either. Depending on preference, new players may be kitted out with passable hunting equipment as well.


Current hope is to release it by the end of the month. It is undergoing final testing and tweaks by the teams, but it is technically completed already (hence this announcement). 


There will no longer be reason to mass recruit via Darkness Messages. Newbies will join the discord and forums looking for help on their tutorial, or to find a group at the prompting of said tutorial. Make sure you have a good forum post or keep an eye on the seeking work forum once this is live. This does not replace faction academies. Your own rules for your group, how to do more complex jobs, and more will still be needed. The Newbie Quests will expand over time but will never replace the advanced stages of working with other players.


I foresee a lot of people will want to do the quest despite not being new. Darkness/Quest worlds will have a way for you to opt-in. It might not be there at release, but it is something we are working to include.


This huge accomplishment was only possible thanks to efforts by the NPC/Quest Team. After Galaxy Fest there was a big recruitment drive for the team (Which is still open for more). This is the first visible results of the new team post-galaxy fest.

On the note of fun gifts from the NPC team... A few NPCs out in the wild might have updated scripts as well for you to discover. I silently add them to the game as they get approved. Never know when a Physical Datacard or Pile of Credits will find its way to you. Keep an eye out for these hidden updates.


If you have any questions/concerns feel free to send me (Baugrems) a message here or on Discord. Whether it be about the Newbie World or Quest team.

(Posted by Baugrems on Year 21 Day 323 2:39)

Probably the oldest bug we've ever fixed has caused a lot of planets to shift stats and control. Check your planets to see what may have changed. Some adjustments may be needed for optimizations.


Note: The Darkness Worlds losing control will be addressed please don't build there. If you do, I will destroy it and will be hard pressed to refund you.


Mikel edit: The bug affected a few building types behind the scenes not adjusting Crime and Morale properly. Additionally, many Excel wizards have figured out before now that the Crime Each2 list actually contains everything in the Each1 list, even though the Rules do not make that clear. We are working on adding them to the rules list so which facilities are contained in which lists will be more obvious.

(Edited by Mikel von Bianchi on Year 21 Day 323)
(Posted by Baugrems on Year 21 Day 308 13:16)


Items/Droids with custom images can now be repackaged into crates and keep their images.

Recalculating cybernetic surgery to favor morale instead of crime. (Equation is flipped. Your surgery centers may need to move!)

Faulty cybernetic removal is now possible

LISP function additions: get-droid, get-planet, get-current-planet, spawn-bandits, get-pilot, get-commander, changeHull/shields/ionic, get-owner is more generic.


City inventory via web services fixed.

Split crate input boxes resized to match

Room selection in room travel cleaned up.

Rules Pages:

Astromech pilot rules updates for clarity



Some rules pages have been updated per rules update forum suggestions.

Crate merging the same custom image works properly now.

(Edited by Baugrems on Year 21 Day 315)
(Posted by Kyle on Year 21 Day 292 8:56)

As promised a bit ago we have updated our Project Development listing and will do our best to keep it up to date from now on. 

You can find it here it is also available under the technical menu called Development Projects. It will get updated as more things finalize with the various projects. This will contain the major things we are working on, so check it out often.

Since the last update we have gotten more people to the Quests team and in the process of restructuring the team to make it more efficient. So hopefully before too long more quests will be rolled out and not just our events like Science Fued and Galaxy Fest. Some of the comments from Galaxy Fest are already filtering into the designs of these new things as they are in the planning phases. Some scripts for NPC types, creatures and the like might get scripts added to them first as well so check those often.

Also the recycling merge seems to have gone successfully so far and we might plan for more when we are able to do them. Some of you have also noticed that Mining factions can now produce the ship and vehicle that are used for recycling as well, this was an added benefit for the merge.

(Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 21 Day 291 16:30)

There are 3 new faction privileges added. Faction leaders will need to assign these new privileges to faction members as appropriate:

  • Can Abort Production
  • Can Abort Facility/Station Construction
  • Can Revoke Assigned Datacards
(Posted by Kyle on Year 21 Day 287 12:54)

This weekend sometime we will be converting all existing recycling factions to be mining factions. This will be done in several stages over the next couple days until this weekend.

  • Stage 1 - Completed
    • Ugly Datacards will be granted to Mining Factions
    • Mining Factions will be granted the ability to produce said uglies.
    • Grant the specific datacards granted to all Recycling factions to grant them to Mining factions
    • Allow mining factions to recycle
  • Stage 2 - Completed
    • Convert all existing recycling factions to mining factions
    • Disable the creation of new recycling factions
  • Stage 3 - Pending
    • Update the rules pages to correctly show mining factions rather than recycling wherever they are located.

We wanted to give you all a few days heads up so you can plan accordingly and not be completely and totally shocked by this. This will be updated as the various stages and processes are done so everyone is kept in the loop. This has been a long ongoing effort to consolidate faction types, more such efforts might happen in the future when we are able to do it. At the end of stage 1 all existing mining factions should have the abilities of recycling factions, while stage 2 is cleanup efforts.

Edit: Stage 1 is completed.

Edit 2: The prospecting vehicles can now also be produced by mining factions as well. Also we have decided if you are part of a group that already have a mining faction and thus will dissolve your current recycling faction. Reach out to Baugrems to get a rembursement of the initial startup cost for the recycling faction.

Edit 3: Stage 2 Completed and moved rules to Stage 3

(Edited by Kyle on Year 21 Day 289)
(Posted by Baugrems on Year 21 Day 285 12:45)

The NPC and Quest Team is open for more members. Ever since Galaxy Fest, I have been drowning in questions about the team, how to work in swc-lisp, and how someone can help. This team is in charge of things like Galaxy Fest, generic NPC/Droid/Creature scripts, and everything in between where it involves a conversation tree or quest.


How do I join?

Message Baugrems or Noctis expressing your interest. We will be expecting you to have written some custom NPC/Protocol Droid scripts to show. It does not need to be complex but it should show that you know how to use it.


What projects can I work on?

We have a huge list of available jobs and potential for new projects. NPCs, Droids, and Creatures are still missing a lot of generic scripts. Galaxy Fest style events need worked on/planned. Newbie Quests need help. Random quests (like Purrgil) need help. If you have a plan that doesn't fit, let us know and it might be possible.


What's in it for me?

Besides monthly CP pay ranging from 10,000 to 20,000 there are bonuses for work done and you get first look at upcoming quests. Plus you can help influence what comes next.

(Posted by Kyle on Year 21 Day 280 7:41)

Taking care of some minor items on my todo list. 

  • 3PO Droid Loses its Infantry Command Skill...who in their right mind would trust him heading out into battle.
  • The Glaive weapon has been renamed to Chakram since well that is what the picture is, and a glaive is a polearm not a thrown weapon
  • Updated Batch Size of some droids as well from 1 to 2. Mostly the Astromechs that weren't already 2, Protocol Droids and Labor Droids
  • Updated Batch Size of Battle Droids from 2 to 4 

In other news now that Galaxy Fest is over, would like to thank everyone that participated and both galaxy fest itself and the survey we did afterwords. This information should help us improve future galaxy scale quests and events. Those interested in helping out with those events and quests  or the smaller scale quests, can apply to the Quest team by working up a script in LISP using a custom NPC or a Protocol Droid and showing us what you can do. Submit applications to Baugrems and if accepted you will get the chance to help work on that stuff and more.

On a final note, since it was asked a bit lately. I'll see about getting our development roadmap updated and posted or fixing our projects page eventually so we can show it there.This one is slgihtly outdated was made early this year but for the most part this is what we are marching towards.

(Edited by Kyle on Year 21 Day 280)
(Posted by Evan on Year 21 Day 12 13:13)




(Edited by Evan on Year 21 Day 274)