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No one left behind.
(Posted by Noctis on Year 24 Day 72)
Year 24 Day 72, 17:21 Noctis banned player Rishard Galays providing the following reason: Multi Ban Year 24 Day 72, 17:21 Noc...

Handle change, update your rolodex.
(Posted by Noctis on Year 24 Day 72)
Christian Hall is now known as Cyrus Vel.  

Yo Dawg, I heard you like bans, so Ima ban your account that's already banned.
(Posted by Noctis on Year 20 Day 359)
 1 Year 20 Day 359, 16:57 Noctis banned player Emil Everett providing the following reason: Multi Ban - Nero Wre...

Community News

Art Rules Updated
(Posted by Kolomon Seph on Year 24 Day 105)
Hello Combine!   The Art Rules for custom images have been reworked and consolidated into one cohesive page combining rules spre...

Community Update: Droid/Vehicle Terrain Updates and Razor Crest Images
(Posted by Falcon on Year 24 Day 98)
EDIT Y24 D99: KX-12 Probe Droids have been updated to remove all terrain restrictions in conjunction with their canon stats/use. Th...

Deathmatch, Grudge Matches and Razor Crest Updates
(Posted by Falcon on Year 24 Day 75)
EDIT Y24 D98: The 156 ships assigned to me have had their images re-updated to the holiday image. Please let me know if I missed yo...

Technical News

Sync Report Y24D105
(Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 24 Day 105)
- Changes to entity crewlist access: - You can now block entry for characters and factions via the crewlist. This is crewlist block...

Vehicle Restricted Terrain Updates
(Posted by Falcon on Year 24 Day 87)
EDIT: Hover Transport TC9 has had its restrictions further updated. Its only restriction now is Cave terrain. It also has repulsors...

Sync Report Y24 D87
(Posted by Falcon on Year 24 Day 87)
Bug Fixes/Improvements: - Bacta refinement no longer enforces an operator being in a medical faction at the end of the cycle , to b...

Posted by Kolomon Seph on Year 24 Day 105 19:41

Hello Combine!


The Art Rules for custom images have been reworked and consolidated into one cohesive page combining rules spread across multiple forum posts, the old rules page, Art Queue Team discussions over 4+ years, and FAQ’s from players.


The biggest change is to Public Images, which will now require those images to be created from scratch by an artist from the community. All currently approved Public Customs will remain accessible to the community for the duration of their normal 2 years rolling approval, at which point unless they meet the new rules they will be reverted to Private.

The majority of the rest of the updates are expansive clarifications on what is allowed for existing entities, so artists in the community know what the expectations are from the Art Queue Team. As always, the rules will evolve as time goes on, new entities are added, or new issues arise.

The entirety of the rules can be found here.


Any questions can be directed to Kolomon “Kolo” Seph, either via Darkness Message or Discord.


Any complaints can be directed to Noctis via handwritten letters in Middle English using the Comic Sans font on legal-sized paper only. Noctis can be found on any sun playing with porgs.

(Edited by Falcon on Year 24 Day 105)
Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 24 Day 105 19:29

- Changes to entity crewlist access:
- You can now block entry for characters and factions via the crewlist. This is crewlist blocklist applies before the "open to all" and "open to faction" crewlist options. Rules Link
- Crewlist is no longer checked when disembarking from a docked entity. 

- There are some backend changes added for R&D.

(Edited by Vadik Edik on Year 24 Day 105)

EDIT Y24 D99: KX-12 Probe Droids have been updated to remove all terrain restrictions in conjunction with their canon stats/use. Thanks to the guy who reached out about that.

EDIT: Assign Darkness your ship, not me. Sorry for the confusion.

Hey little birds, it's big bird!

I come to you today with some updates. First and foremost is that the Razor Crest image will be updated to have the non-holiday image in the next hour or so. At that time, I will apply the customs to everyone who has assigned me DARKNESS their ship. If you miss out, please don't hesitate to reach out, and I'll consider doing a second pass. 

Next up, we've listened to some of the Vehicle Terrain feedback and have updated them again. The current terrains are below and have been applied to the vehicles in question:

Finally, we've updated droid terrains and the list is below and applied to all droids. If you have suggestions for improvement, please take to the forums. again, the list is below:

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback about the vehicle terrains. We tried to be inclusive of all comments. As always, if you have any issues, you can send me a DM or submit a support ticket


(Edited by Falcon on Year 24 Day 99)

EDIT Y24 D98: The 156 ships assigned to me have had their images re-updated to the holiday image. Please let me know if I missed yours. Thanks!

PENULTIMATE EDIT: Tomorrow the regular Razor crest image will take place and I will apply the holiday custom to anyone who assigns Darkness as Commander of your ship. One more edit will follow this post once I've applied the custom.

EDIT 2: this is your one-week-ish reminder

EDIT: To clarify, I will be applying customs AFTER the March 1(ish) conversion to normal Razor Crest image. You're free to assign Darkness now if you like, but it's not necessary until Feb 28th or so. Again, I'll push out a reminder 24h+ prior to this change.


Polar Falcon Here!


After a long overdue round, I've managed to stumble my way across the Advance Deathmath button and we've moved into the final round. Who will win? Artemis or Jado? THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

Along the same vein, we've got some new Grudge matches (my favorite of them being favorite bear). This cycle we will find out your lifelong answers to:

  • What is SWC?
  • Best Bear
  • Best Star Wars Board Game pt 2
  • Greatest SW Video Game

Thanks to those who submitted questions! We've got a good number waiting, so if you haven't seen yours yet, don't worry, it's still in the queue. For those that have closed out, It seems as though the video game favorites were All Battlefront games and KOTOR I & II. I can't say as though I disagree, though I dislike the newer battlefront games myself. Poor Obi-Wan only got one vote. Some day Obi-Wan... Some day... Finally, it comes as no surprise, but Propulsion matters most in a ship followed by Cargo Capacity


Our final update of the night is long overdue, and I apologize as I've been busy with moving. As you all know, the winter quest is over and done with, and the reward NPC has vanished. Everyone still has the holiday custom by default, but it will be switching to the non-holiday version come March 1, 2023(ish) (Y24 D94). I WILL PUSH OUT A REMINDER 24 HOURS BEFORE THE CHANGE. If you would like to keep the holiday custom, please assign Darkness as Commander, and we will apply the holiday custom image to your ship. free of charge. Thanks again to everyone who made that quest possible and HUGE thanks to Polar for everything he did. We're gonna miss him. Lots. 


As always, if you have any questions/concerns please freel free to send them to Noctis, so that he can properly file them in the garbage, otherwise you can submit a support ticket.

(Edited by Falcon on Year 24 Day 98)
Posted by Falcon on Year 24 Day 97 20:21


Well I advanced the deathmatch tonight, and apparently I refreshed the advancement page again because it seems we had a LIGHTNING ROUND! You can thank or hate me later. My condolences to those that unexpectedly got knocked out or missed the last round that lasted approximately 4 hours. For now, go vote for our contestants!


In other news, lets recap last round's grudge matches and introduce the next round:

  • In a non-surprising majority, most of you would prefer combat only in certain areas, without the chance of permadeath and with some sort of associated penalty for dying... GTA Hospital anyone?
  • Again, the overwhelming majority of you enjoyed Qui-Gon's death the best. You monsters.
  • In the final overwhelmingly one-sided vote, #galaxy-events is the best channel in our SWC Discord Server. If you're not there, feel free to pop on by!
  • Finally, it seems we finally had a vote that the community was divided on. Most of you would fall back to Star Trek, but the rest of you are split fairly evenly amongst the other choices


In our next lineup we've got the following grudge matches:

  • Favorite Hapan Leader?
  • Best Droid Fighter? (If you don't vote for the Vulture Droid, I hear Dex is gonna extend R&D another 10 years)
  • Santa Claws vs Chiss Cringle
  • Favorite Disney TV Series?


Go vote, have fun and make the community proud! I'll be rolling out the next round of terrain restriction updates tomorrow with the Razor Crest image update. Stay tuned for that. 

Posted by Falcon on Year 24 Day 89 18:02

Congratulations to Art for winning the latest deathmatch! We've got a new one started with faces new and old alike! I'm interested to see the results of this one.

In other news, it looks like Polar lost Best bear to himself. That's what he gets for leaving us. The people have also spoken and agree that SWC is not A bunch of trashy hateful people grinding to be worth something in a game that doesn't matter. After all, we WERE voted by ourselves to be the best Star Wars game... So there's that. Go us! If board games are your thing, Star Wars Armada is the game to get into if you feel like spending $80-$90 USD. I wholeheartedly concur that this is the superior game, having played it a few times myself.

This round, feel free to express yourself by deciding:

  • What kind of combat you want
  • Best Force User Death on Screen
  • If not Star Wars, then...?
  • Best Combine Server Channel (talking about our DISCORD SERVER)


Big shoutout to the 12 people who found my hidden message last sim news and earned 100CPs each, as well as those who have submitted grudge matches. Stay tuned for more hidden messages in the future! ;)

Posted by Falcon on Year 24 Day 87 22:16

EDIT: Hover Transport TC9 has had its restrictions further updated. Its only restriction now is Cave terrain. It also has repulsors. 

Hello all,

In similar fashion to the Creature Terrain Updates , vehicles have also been updated. Below is a list of the new restrictions , and you can also find them on the rules page. 


These changes should be reflected shortly , if not already(sometimes it takes a bit for changes to appear). As always , please submit a support ticket with any issues you may have.

I hear droids may be next. Plan accordingly.

(Edited by Falcon on Year 24 Day 88)
Posted by Falcon on Year 24 Day 87 21:03

Bug Fixes/Improvements:
- Bacta refinement no longer enforces an operator being in a medical faction at the end of the cycle , to be consistent with all other mining and production rules.
- The defunct "Production" menu on the sidebar below "Inventory" has been repurposed and is now an "Actions" menu.
- Certain labour droids can now construct facilities/stations See Rules Page for more info.
- A bug was patched to prevent an exploit where players can uncrate droids in restricted terrain.
- Up/Down votes may now be deleted(unclicked/de-selected) in voting-enabled forum threads.

Web Services:
- Fixed inventory/entity “producedentities” field for production actions. The format of the field has been changed as a result.
- API location responses now correctly show "System" field where it may have been previously missing.
- Inventory/Planet API endpoint will no longer crash for planetoids.

(Edited by Tor`Vor Xess on Year 24 Day 87)
Posted by Falcon on Year 24 Day 82 10:19

The following entities have had Max Passengers bumped up from 12 to 13:


  • PB-950 Patrol Boat
  • Empress-class Super Freighter
  • Class 720 Freighter
  • Herald-class Shuttle
  • 578-R Space Transport


  • QH-1 Imperial barge
  • EVS Construction Droid
  • Senate Shuttlebus
  • Personnel Skiff Model IV

This allows you to now take a full squad with you. Enjoy!

EDIT: I forgot to actually apply the change to existing ships, but it should show 13 passengers now. Sorry!

(Edited by Falcon on Year 24 Day 82)

Prize Vendors have been spawned in all Space Colony I, Space Colony II, Trading I, Trading II and in Petabys Station. If you have participated in the tournament (even those of you not on the roster that snuck in) you will have access to this NPC. If there are any problems, contact me via DM or Discord. They will be available until the next tournament event, at which point they will just go away so they can help me manage that one.

Thank you and see you next round :D

Hello, everyone!

Your friendly neighborhood cryptid here. It's debatable if I exist, but this news most definitely does!

I would like to announce that as of January 1st warsim will be going away entirely. We will be removing the ability to access it for all players. XP will remain on and prizes will be given out until then.

But what now, you ask?

I'm glad you did! We will be running regular exhibition events through the year. The first event is a tournament that will take place on January 27th, and will run through January 29th. The times we will be running games is from 6:00-15:00 Combine Time. If you sign up, we will be running all of your games through these times.

There will be other events that run at different times this upcoming year.

Rules and registration are provided below. Rules may change before the event starts. Prizes will be offered to winners and those who perform well enough. What those prizes are will be announced later. XP will be turned on for every match for this event.

Registration is open to everyone.

Be warned if there is too much demand I might turn away teams on a first come, first serve basis. The public coordinators are being tasked with helping run this, and there are only so many of them.

If you have any questions, drop me a DM or reach out to me on discord.

Don't forget to thank Noctis!

Link to Rules

Sign Up Link

Exhibitions Discord Link


The Official Schedule (all times are in Combine time)

NOTE: The schedule may change slightly before game day. If I make any further changes I will alert everyone with more flashing blue icons and pings in discord but as of now this is final. Teams are responsible for knowing when they are to show up and who to talk to. I also won't be ending any timers or helping remove equipment. There are well over 100 people participating and I just don't have the ability, I'm but a single cryptid pretending to be a beehive behind a keyboard.


Falcon Edit:

To clear up some of the confusion about the back and forth on Warsim lately: Warsim was coded in LISP and tied directly to the Baugrems character for things to make it work in a janky way. It was always duct taped and band-aided together. Now that Baugrems is gone, if we want to reintroduce it, we should do so in PHP that integrates it directly into the game in a non-hacked-together way. I do recognize and understand the disappointment and/or frustration for the back and forth with Warsim these past few weeks, and thank everyone for their patience through it all.


Chupacabra Edit:

Three things:
1. We made a room in the exhibitions discord - #looking-for-team - to help anyone that feels they may need help finding a team or forming one. Post in there if you feel you are having issues finding a team to join or wish to form one and aren't finding enough people. Also, make sure if you are forming a team you have the consent of everyone involved.

2. Sign ups close on January 20th.

3. Check out them prizes! How it works is if a team gets to a certain place, each player on that team can pick a prize from the pool listed. Each player can pick from pools below their rank too. There is no limit on how many people can pick what prize (eg; 1st place can do all dp-20b's for all I care).

13 x Clone Trooper Armor Set
13 x BARC Trooper Armor Set
12 x Longprobe Fighter
1 x DP-20b Gunship

1 x Clone Trooper Armor Set
1 x BARC Trooper Armor Set
1 x Longprobe Fighter
50m Credits

Clone Trooper Helmet
Clone Trooper Armor
BARC Trooper Helmet
BARC Trooper Armor
10m Credits

Knockout Participants:
1 x ETA-2
1 x HWK-290
1 x YT-1760
5m Credits

1 x ETA-5 DC
1 x Ginivex DC
1 x V-19 Torrent DC

Captains, when you are about to start a match, or getting ready to start one, contact the coordinator that is assigned to your game about 10-15 minutes before start time. Tell them what player on your team is using what ship. All communication between teams and coordinators should flow through the captain.

Make sure your team has done the following before a match:
1. No medical, cooldown, training, or action timers (travel is ok)
2. ALL equipment is removed
3. Not part of a party
4. They have gone to settings (top right corner of screen) and opted in for showdowns

I will not be ending timers or assisting in removal of equipment. There are well over 100 players and I literally do not have the time to accommodate this.

I will, upon request, change out Captains for another player that is on the team and already registered. I will not add/drop players from the roster.

Sorry about this (especially to Space Debris and Motley Crew) but I did have to re-arrange some of the schedule for bracket games. Two games were moved to accommodate changes in coordinator availability. Please re-check the schedule if you are in the bracket and plan accordingly. I do not foresee any further changes.

Chupacabra edit: FYI, if you need to add/drop team members before the sign up close date, you have the ability to modify your answers on the google form. You do not need to PM/DM me.

Noctis edit: Just for funzies.

Chupacabra edit: Look at that bracket link I just added

Another Chupacabra edit: The schedule is posted. Also, blue flashing icon and thanks Noctis for helping me with this schedule you are the man... ewok... thing

Chupacabra again: How to get your game going in one block of text this time!

Chupacabra schedule madness update.

Chupacabra the last update for this one. It's been fun, gang!

(Edited by Chupacabra on Year 24 Day 72)
Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 24 Day 67 22:26

- Factions now have a Vendor Overview page
- Bandit Corvettes now have a cap of level 2 doors onboard
- Creatures now have terrain restrictions applied to them
- Characters and NPCs now have to wear their entire sets of survival gear (bugfix)

Posted by Falcon on Year 24 Day 64 17:09

Edit: Also, rules 19 and 20 were removed. You can now make combat suggestions as well as suggestions about stealing entities. 


Have you thought about something you wish was in this game, went over to the suggestions forum and posted it, only to realize it's on the restricted topics, and now you're getting yelled at by all of these people calling themselves "mods" or "Asims"? Fear not! I have removed the former Rule 23 from restricted topics that prohibited any new entity suggestions. You may now suggest new Ships, Vehicles, Stations, Creatures, Facities, Droids and Items. Please do not submit race suggestions, as we are not considering them at this time. 

My only request(that I wont enforce) is that for droids, items and possibly facilities, if you make a suggestion then please back it up with possible in-game uses. For entities with a room map, a proposed layout is welcome, as are stats. 

I look forward to seeing what you all come up with, no Star Destroyers will not be made public, and as always, if you have any questions or issues, please Submit a support ticket. Oh also I'm not responsible if your suggestion gets downvoted into oblivion. 

Mikeledit: Updated link to new Entity Suggestions forum. Expect expanded suggestion rules to curtail low-effort suggestions soon.

(Edited by Mikel von Bianchi on Year 24 Day 65)