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Year 7 Day 294 15:59
Deakon Jarvis
Deakon Jarvis
I probably get in trouble for bringing this up.

With Force testing, I dont understand why you need let PC have a second chance or more from level 6, 11 .... Would one test be enough and let the character go on choosing another direction?

In SW they test very young so theory in SWC getting tested in early levels should have a high force sensitivity to those that are Force tested later. So if you fail to be fs on the first go it means just that, you have no FS ever.

This will stop the pile of wannabees dead in there tracks. It so rare now jedi/sith force test due to A/E (unless they know or trust those they doing)that this works out best for jedi/sith in the long run, when most will be doing things like saving or destroying the galaxy, than finding padawan and training them all the time (which all they can do at the moment).
They will not be cluttered by failed attempts and can deal with those only who have never been tested before. with over 3000 members to test they will not get through all PCs. Giving a fluctuated level of experience that will determine the strength of the FS. The higher the level of XP the more unstable they are in controlling the force.
I just dont see the logic of the force coming to you later when it should be from birth of the character or how a jedi misses FS test in early goes on a being?

Year 7 Day 294 18:52
It would also mean a lot of people finding ways to kill off their level 1-3 toon so they can recreate until they get an FS character.Being FS at a lower level only means those particular people have more experiance with the force when they gain levels - they would be more powerful than someone who found out they were FS at level 11 lets say,which would make complete sense.Having multiple chances to find out you are FS also makes sense when you begin think into the way the mind evolves due to stress,exposure to higher concentrations of midichlorians,drug use,etc.,etc.,basically whatever could alter or change the way a mind functions over the course of time.

The only thing I believe should change is the characters ability to find out themselves that they may be FS rather than relying on someone else in doing so.Say when someone reaches level 6 they have an "experiance",like working on their speeder and having a needed tool which is out of reach pulled towards them telekinetically.Or they have a vision of their life being threatened and later that day an NPC makes an attempt on that characters life etc.There are a million scenarios in which someone could find out by "accident" they are FS rather than finding out by someone who already controls the Force.


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Year 7 Day 295 8:22
Chise Ekando
Chise Ekando
Not everyone wants a force test. The way it is, it's pretty good. It keeps the annoying wannabe jedi outside when they realize they can't be FS on day one without testing and so on.



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Year 7 Day 295 8:56
This is more of a suggestion than a problem.


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Year 7 Day 295 16:41
No, getting asked if you can test ppl four DMs a day is a problem....


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Year 7 Day 295 17:11
That's what you get for advertising!

Add a link in your sig, directing them to a forum, or something. Then you can just ignore the forum. =D


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Year 7 Day 295 17:35
David Kellar
David Kellar
Heck whats really funny is when people are asking me for force tests. And I don't advertise them.

Year 7 Day 295 18:56
Lexxa Sunnar
Lexxa Sunnar
In SW they test very young so theory in SWC getting tested in early levels should have a high force sensitivity to those that are Force tested later. So if you fail to be fs on the first go it means just that, you have no FS ever. 

That is not entirely true..All through the books and games, jedi's have been found young and maturing. It has been stated that the young is better since they can learn to control thier emotions better over an adult. But look at Luke Skywalker..he was 19ish and was told he was FS, never knowing he was and Leia later on.
My point, just because your not FS in a lower level you might have a better chance later on.


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Year 7 Day 295 19:32
Deakon Jarvis
Deakon Jarvis
thats where I dont get it. You get tested and you get negative reading and later you do if you have another chance to ask for FS test?

If people are constantly asking jedi/sith to be tested, even without advertising. Would it be counted as spamming?
Im sure jedi/sith get to know those before testing than constant barrage of unknowns begging.

lexxa the reason so many jedi are FS late is there are not many jedi to test of go out to find those who are FS. Same in the game. Thats why I feel one test is all you need.

Year 7 Day 295 19:40
David Kellar
David Kellar
I was all for the the force detector, but Hal said it was being tossed... I mean with the midichlorians you should be able to chemically test for it... I would think so at least. maybe let the medical factions have something else to do. the people can't really get far without a Jedi/Sith master for training anyway..

Year 7 Day 296 3:50
OP: This is a gameplay issue, not a matter of realism. That should be evident, given that "realistically" there are no levels. A level 1 character may still be 45 years old. A level 11 character getting tested may be younger than a level 6 character getting tested.

The rest of your post is not a question, but a suggestion, as previously noted. You're in the wrong forum for that.