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Year 7 Day 294 16:26
In my experience with company stocks in Combine, I have formulated a hypothetical situation that may lead to problems. When players level up to level 2, they are automatically forever in the Combine system. In other words, they cannot be deleted for lack of inactivity. Now let's say a player owns stock in a company, and gains at least one level, thereafter going inactive and abandoning Combine. The problem is that if this type of situation continues over a period of time, eventually a company who has been public for years may end up having a large percentage of their stock forever owned by inactive accounts. With other things like ships, vehicles, buildings, etc. it is not bad because you can always construct more. In the case of stock though, there is only a limited amount per company. Eventually, years down the road when Combine has been public for years, it is quite plausible that 5-50% of a companie's stock is owned by inactive players. That means even if a company is broken into 1,000,000 shares, up to 500,000 of those shares are potentially not on the market. This can really hurt the stock market after things like this build up. Before I propose a suggestion though,
I would like to know if anyone thinks these ideas are plausible.


Raphael Javiae Kiltron III
Year 7 Day 295 3:05
As a small stock trader, I can say I would quite like it if half the stock disappeared off the market while I had reserves. If there are over 100,000 stocks on the market there are probably too many already (we only have 3,000 active members).

There is no need for intervention. Stocks are largely pointless, and supply/demand laws work well with them. The market adjusts.

Concentrate more on forcing all the factions to release stock. That is both more important and challenging.

Year 7 Day 295 8:36
Not all companies go public (that is, release common stock) IRL. Combine factions should not be forced to release stock, in some of them it really makes no sense at all, really.

(When was the last time you saw pirates releasing 100,000 shares on the stock market, IRL?)


Owyn Darklighter
Year 7 Day 296 4:03
50% of a company's stocks will never be owned by an inactive player, since you need over 50% to keep ownership. As such the faction would either be unowned, or its owner would be inactive (which is currently the case for a few factions, but generally isn't a major problem until it is dissolved).

Starsign Mining has about 49% of its stocks owned by an inactive, but that, too, isn't a major issue since no stocks were publicly released.

Many other factions have smaller percentages in the hands of inactives. They either just stay off the market (i.e. exact same situation as if the player were active but just holding on to their stocks) or get returned to the faction whenever the character is killed.

In short, I just don't see a problem with this. If stocks, ships, or credits are transferred to or purchased by a player, they stay in his account, whether the played in question is active or inactive. Their activity status doesn't actually make a difference, and there's no reason to start removing assets from inactive players' accounts since they may return to activity someday. Basically, if you're selling something to someone, you never have a guarantee that they'll pass the item along again; they may just hold on to it forever.



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