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Year 7 Day 296 17:17
Tuskus Troguna
Tuskus Troguna
Is it possible to be added to a team? Could someone post a list of teams that I could enter?

Year 7 Day 296 17:42
James diGriz
James diGriz
Ummm...I think a complete list is right here.

How Can I Help?
If you want to help out in creating the game here are the people to talk to. Contact details above.

Programming Team The game is being created using PHP/mySQL. If you have experience in this and would like to help out please contact us
Art Team Anyone with a talent for 2D or 3D computer graphics is welcome
Rules Team Creating and revising the rules of the game
Descriptions Team Writing descriptions for ships, vehicles, etc, general writing assignments
Suggestion Forums Suggestions, Website Suggestions, Rules Suggestions forums for suggestions on how to improve the game

And for some strange reason i think you may just want to join to get "That picture under my Avatar." http://www.swcombine.com/forum/thread.php?thread=10155&page=0

Just a thought but thats not really the reason to join a SWC team.

Edited By: James diGriz on Year 7 Day 296 17:43
Year 7 Day 296 17:51
Tuskus Troguna
Tuskus Troguna
No thats not the reason. I have experience with writing and artwork. Ill look through the list and see if there are any I would enjoy. Thank you for your time.