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Archives » What's up with the Ship production factions?
Henk Kanjer
Henk Kanjer
[OOC] What's up with the Ship production factions?

I've just come into play with a character strong in Ship R&D, and leadership and no one seems to want someone with these skill sets (KDY, SS and S&K). Am I missing something? ...or are my job applications really that bad? I'll assume that it's the later, which is kind of demoralizing.


well for a starters R&D is as yet not implamented which means that is not a skill in great demand. None the less most factions should be willing to recruit you for some job or another and leadership is a good trait when handling NPCs so i can't think of a reason while they would turn you down flat. If your just not getting a response it could be because your apps are wrong in almost any respect eg going to the wrong person or through the wrong site as most factions have recruitment forms on their actual sights. Try talking to a leader directly and if you still don't get a response then you should probably try elsewhere.


Henk Kanjer
Henk Kanjer
Good point Marcus, thx. I'm also starting to realise that some of the smaller (non-government) factions might have restrictive budgets limiting the personel they can hire.


KDY has enough members to fulfil its duties without having some dead weight drawing away salaries, I think most other factions are like this, once production builds up, they will have a larger budget for salaries, so more people will be hired


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Henk Kanjer
Henk Kanjer
Ok, that's clear. thx.

Remember that more than ship production groups are going to need ship R&D in the future. While production of ships is limited to them, owning of datacards and (if there's any remaining logic left in SWC) research are not.


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ok if anyone is on this how do ya get a job or even get a ship to buy?

Please open a new thread for your questions instead of derailing an existing one.