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Archives » problem with low rez rules page
I know this is in the wrong place but I have bin trying to log in to the bug reporter thing since I joined the combine

The problem is factions pic dus not come up and none of the like work

this may not be my place to say but I would dump the page I have bin using the high rez page on my work computers which one runs on 640 by 480 and its not all that bad

Kirit Hin`Kirl
Kirit Hin`Kirl
The low resolution version has been inoperable for a while now, might as well ditch it altogether.

The low res rules page hasn't had much to do since we changed from a collapsable menu structure on the page itself to the currnet expanding menu in the right-hand menu bar ... It's till easier to load this page than the main page for dialup users.


But the only link to the rules form the low rez page to the rest of the rules that works is the link to the high rez page so having to load to pages

I would happily help make a new page for low rez if it is a time thing that means it is still down

Not necessary, the rules pages are being redone anyways (besides, the links in the right-hand menu of the low-res rules page should work, too).


Sorry ment to add this to my last post

As I am shore I could make a page that would be suitable for low seed users but still be work

And for low sped user could we do an rtf or a reduced size plane txt copy of them again I would more than happily help with it

I don?t want people to fink I am just complaining I just what to help the game and when I 1st joined and was awaiting for pick up I decided to reed through the rules and I was greeted by a broken page which if it was not for the fact of my faction talking to me I may of quit and I would not like to see over people do the same. And I am willing to work

Ok sorry a bout the last post I did not know u had replied when I sent it.