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Year 6 Day 112 10:11
Parmenion Trajan
Parmenion Trajan
Have multiple names in the drop down box, on the login screen, where friends have logged in at my location. I want to drop it back down to my own name, and removing the cookies doesnt work.

Anybody help????

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Year 6 Day 112 10:50
Mecho Rykspin
Mecho Rykspin
if your using IE
tools->internet options->delete cookies
it does work. similar for other browser. something like tools->preferences->privacy

if this is your PC you'd better not allow others to log in from it because it might end bad for all of you

Year 6 Day 112 12:21
Unless you and your friends are registered multis, you can't do that. You may end up banned for multi rules violations.


Patriarch of House Ismay
Year 6 Day 112 15:38
Parmenion Trajan
Parmenion Trajan
Oh, right so a once or twice login from friends, is considered to be a multi-violation?

I dont think so.

Year 6 Day 112 16:23
If you have the same IP in the DB? Yes, it's a violation of the multi account rules and a bannable offense. Keep doing it if you want to be banned.

Another example you may see:

Except his was accidental. Yours is on purpose.

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Patriarch of House Ismay
Year 6 Day 113 2:26
Parmenion Trajan
Parmenion Trajan
Right so a momentary login in on a friends computer who is also playing, is illegal. Even though you are only there for a short period of time, and then continuing from your own computer at home.

Give over, and have some sense. Its not a violation at all, its just a practical matter. And if you then turn around and say that no-one else is doing it, then stop walking on your hands and try your feet for a change.

Year 6 Day 113 3:55
quoting the rules:
If you are sharing your computer with other persons that are also members of the Combine, you must register all accounts by sending the handles to register to multi-accounts@swcombine.com - this includes handles and the email addresses of all players using the computer. Players who are sharing a computer must all be members of the same faction or one or all may be freelancers. 

from http://rules.swcombine.com/character/charactercreation/

yes, it is against the rules!


Year 6 Day 113 6:23
I assure you that Wilhelm and Togan know the rules of the game better than 99% of the Combine, and it's rather foolish to argue with them; especially in the hostile tone you're using.

As they said, what you've done could quite easily get you banned. Viggo Solo was banned for letting a friend log into his account while he was on vacation, so before you argue that, it's also against the rules.

It's very easy for anybody, when caught, to just claim they happened to be at their friend's house that day, but we're forced to assume they're guilty and ban them, to prevent people from using that as an excuse.


Year 6 Day 113 12:03
Parmenion Trajan
Parmenion Trajan
You know what, forget it. I ask for help on a problem, and all I get is rules quoted at me.

Why cant people let things lie with just answering the straight question and dealing with the problem? Why do people have to stick their oar in and mention other things??

Why cant people just let the likes of the Multi-Accounts Amin do her job, she knows what she is doing??

Year 6 Day 113 12:07
She's on vacation and can't ban you right now. Though with how you're reacting to Teniel, a SWC staff member and minor Admin, I hope you're nailed and made an example of.
Ignorance of the rules is not a valid defense.


Patriarch of House Ismay
Year 6 Day 113 12:25
You'll notice Mecho was very polite in offering you advice to help you, then Wilhelm supported him. You responded rudely, claiming that they were lying, and Togan and I had to back up what they said.

They're trying to help you, you could at least show some gratitude :)


Year 6 Day 114 1:17
Parmenion Trajan
Parmenion Trajan
By the way, Mecho, I tried that one and it didnt work, but thank-you for the advice on that one. Eventually what I had to do was

Internet Options -> Content -> AutoComplete -> Clear Forms and Clear Passwords.

This did manage what I intended.

So again, thank-you for the advice.

Teniel, sorry if it sounded like I was snapping at you, I wasnt. I understadnt the rules perfectly, however, if everyone stuck to everything rigidly, then nothing would get done. In my opinion, Wilhelm, would not entertain a slight flexibility of what I was trying to say.

Therefore to you all, I apologise for the shortness of what was typed. I was trying to get a problem sorted, and did not need all the rest of it.

Year 6 Day 116 22:24
Hi, I'm the multi accounts director. (: If you plan to share a connection with another player, do register as multis (send me an e-mail - syn@swcombine.com - with your handles to do so). This will solve all your problems.