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Year 6 Day 114 21:49

Its been over a day since i signed up and i havent recieved an email saying i was accepted or denied. I am based on a college campus, we have a spam blocking system... so first i thought the lack of response was due to that... But i checked the adresses it has blocked and this hasnt been one of them. I dont mean to be rude, but how long should i wait to be able to join? I tried to log in using my handle and it says the account hasnt been activated yet... I also tried recreating my account with the same email and it didnt work either. Any help is appriciated

Year 6 Day 114 22:08
It usually takes between 1-48 hours, right now things are a bit slow since the person who normally accepts accounts went on holidays :)

Edited By: Teniel Djo on Year 6 Day 114 22:08

Year 6 Day 115 3:26
Togan is going to be taking it over for the week, he'll get through the current requests tonight I hope.


Kids these days!
Year 6 Day 116 2:38
yeah, i've gone over the whole list yesterday. everyone who sent a request until then should now either be accepted or declined.


Year 6 Day 116 16:58

Can you go through the the new list please? I am dieing to get it!!!
Thank you in advance

Year 6 Day 116 16:58

I mean I am dieing to get IN...IN!!!!

Year 6 Day 116 22:32
All have been taken care of again.

Year 6 Day 119 7:54

I also have a problem with sign up but of different kind

While registering, I gave an inactive email so I didn't receive a response. It's active now, so could you send me once again if I'm accepted or denied? I would like to use my old handle rather than creating new ;)
Handle was: Tanova Ishtari and mail:

Year 6 Day 119 9:34
try to use the lost password feature on the login page. if you get an "invalid email" error, your account has been declined, else you should get a mail containing a new password.


Year 6 Day 119 10:49

It wasn't declined but they've blocked my mail account again :(
Could I completely change email? A good one is If not, I will just make a new handle.

Thanks for your help and sorry for making trouble :)

Year 6 Day 135 6:25

I didn't recieve a conformation email...why is this?

Year 6 Day 135 7:19
due to the downtime of the combine server not all features are up and running at the moment. one of the services thats down is the combine emails which is needed to work before anyone can be accepted.

so just stay tune for a simnews post about it and then you can be accepted.

while you wait I recommend you check out the site and start to think about a faction to join and read up on that very faction.


Year 6 Day 135 15:35
Please don't post in multiple threads, and when posting provide more information about your problem, such as the handle and e-mail address you attempted to register with.

Join requests are currently being delayed for the reasons I posted on the Sim News.