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Archives » how do i create a new character
Year 6 Day 118 15:09
Robert Dargouse
Robert Dargouse
im totally stuck i click on click here to create a character and all it does is tell me that i can do it manuall or another way but no buttons wot do i do plz help me.
thank you

First off, are you using AOL?

Assuming you're not, would you be able to take a screenshot? PrntScrn or PrintScreen button, likely on top-right of keyboard, then Ctrl-V or "Paste" in MS Paint).

You can either post the screenshot here, or mail it to and I'll try to help you.

Meanwhile, I'll see if I can find, or get somebody to post, the direct link to skip that step and move straight to the next one :)

If you're in a hurry (Or using AOL), you can *try* just using a different internet browser. (If you're using AOL, try opening an Internet Explorer window, if you're using IE, try opening a Mozilla/Firefox window). Sometimes it's just a matter of browsers not displaying the buttons :)


Its can sometimes just be cut off because its in an iframe so if you highlight and drag down it should appear.

If not try what keir suggested

Year 6 Day 137 17:02
Akai Usagi
Akai Usagi
I have to agree. The buttons used in character reation don't lead anywhere. I tried right clicking and was going to open the link in a new window. All it come up with is the editable text screen.

Year 6 Day 137 17:30
Ryudo Calamari
Ryudo Calamari
"I have to agree. The buttons used in character reation don't lead anywhere. I tried right clicking and was going to open the link in a new window. All it come up with is the editable text screen."  

I tried the same thing and I couldn't find any way to make my character... does anyone know what the problem with the links r?

Year 6 Day 137 18:02
Post a bug report for this, describe exactly what the problem is, if there isn't already an open bug report (in which case, add a note to it with your own description). This seems to be a very common problem today, which leads me to believe that it's probably a leftover bug from the hack which hasn't been squashed yet, considering new join requests have just been accepted for the first time today since SWC has been back online.

Year 6 Day 137 19:05
Ryudo Calamari
Ryudo Calamari
Thank you I will do so as soon as I can.

By the way nice siggy Syn, FMA will never die

Jaden Korss
Jaden Korss
Hi! I got the same problem. I'm clicking an clicking the manual creation and the second one and nothing. I'm using IE!!! HELP!

Year 6 Day 138 11:23
Nepholite Destra
Nepholite Destra
Now mine does stuff but when it goes to create the character it stared over again and went back to doing nothing.

Year 6 Day 138 11:49
Clov Beckett
Clov Beckett
I am having this problem as well. Clicking on either the character template or manual creation buttons only re-loads the character creation page.

I am using Internet Explorer.

Year 6 Day 138 14:50
Nepholite Destra
Nepholite Destra
Okay, I got the create a player thing to work awhile ago, but after I distributed all of the skill points and made a description and stuff, I hit the complete character button and then it just went back to the beginning. After that it when back to the links not working for creating a character!

Year 6 Day 138 16:51
Vokoun Palamor
Vokoun Palamor
i am also trying to create a character and clicking the manual creation button keeps sending me back to the same screen.

Year 6 Day 138 17:56
Shaudon Matrison
Shaudon Matrison
both buttons are keep taking me back to the same screen as well.

Year 6 Day 138 18:23
Drake Gwaith
Drake Gwaith
I am having the same problem. I am unable to get past the initial screen using either botton. Additionaly, a alert activates stating either "dummy" or "undefined"

Edited By: Drake Gwaith on Year 6 Day 138 20:26
*falls in love with Ryudo's avatar* (One Who Challenges The Sun / To Challenge The Sun ¦D Just saw that again today.)

To everyone still experiencing character creation problems:

This feature is still buggy so all you can do is add a note to an existing bug report if you want to be helpful. Otherwise just be patient, and hopefully the admins will resolve this soon. They will probably post an update on the Sim News when it is fixed. (:

Edited By: Syn on Year 6 Day 139 2:01
bloody FMA :)

oki should all be fixed now. I also took the opportunity to upgrade the skills selection code so it tells you if you have used too many or too few points.


Kids these days!