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Year 6 Day 139 7:15

Im creating a charactor and it wont let me get passed the screen where u add skill points.It says to check that all numbers are green and they are.....please help.

Year 6 Day 139 7:58
Same is happening to me... all the totals are green and the button doesnt activate.


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Year 6 Day 139 8:41
Is this still happening since Khan posted on the Sim News this morning?



Year 6 Day 139 9:06
oki should be fixed now.


Kids these days!
Year 6 Day 139 15:15
Zyn Treyton
Zyn Treyton
The same with me, but it says I've supplied faulty info. Nyah.

Year 6 Day 139 17:30
If you are doing character creation manually, make sure you calculate correctly, keeping in mind that you must use ALL your skill points, and that 1 level is not necessarily equivalent to 1 skill point. You assign skill points, and levels are:

Level 0: 0 pts
Level 1: 1 pt
Level 2: 2 pts
Level 3: 4 pts
Level 4: 8 pts
Level 5: 15 pts



Year 6 Day 140 7:44

Hi,thanks 4 replying so quick,i am now able to press the button but it is also telling me i have done an error and it wants me to do it again.....iv tried 5 times and the same thing. Im hanging to get started please help.

Year 6 Day 140 10:04
oki now it should *really* be all fixed.


Kids these days!