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Year 6 Day 141 1:17
Im at Duros waiting for a pickup, until I would stick abit around and earn some xp's. The first I was told to do, was rent a vehicle from the vehicle rental npc.
My question is - How do I find this npc, and how do I find other npc, cuz its quite waste of time traveling around between the difrent npc's.

Year 6 Day 141 3:26
Davsk Carvalm
Davsk Carvalm
You can just press the [Scanner] button and it will give you a list of everyone is the city, then you just have to walk to the NPC.
But I'm not sure if all cities have one of those, although I think all starting cities do.

Year 6 Day 141 3:29
okay, but how do I know that exatly xx npc does rent out speeders?

Year 6 Day 141 4:09
his name will be 'Vehicle Rental'. You'll only find them in the city you started in though.


Kids these days!
Year 6 Day 141 6:59
Then I guess you made a mistake, cuz there is no such a npc here:

Sector: Corellian
System: Duros (57, -56)
Planet: Duro (16, 14)
City: City 91 (3, 5)
Ground Position: (4, 12)

None that I can see in the city though.

Year 6 Day 141 7:06
Im sorry...
I guess I must be blind, cuz I missed the name... I don't know how...

Sorry for bothering.. :\

Year 6 Day 141 10:19
no worries :)


Kids these days!