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Year 7 Day 307 19:31
Not sure if this has been asked before but why can't I mouse over a planets/sector of space/etc. to get the helpt text in the banner window at the bottom of my browser?

I've tried on several different computers so I know it's not a computer related problem. This error on page has been noticed for several months now.

Any ideas what this is?

Yang out....

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Year 7 Day 308 1:09
On what pages are you getting those problems? And are you talking about the overlib popup windows you usually get when hovering your cursor over a planet?


Year 7 Day 308 9:38
What I mean is say you are in the cockpit of your ship and you are in the atmosphere of a planet. Below you are several cities. You hover the mouse pointer over one of the cities and when you look below on the status bar of the browser you see Error on page instead of coordinates and city name.

Same goes for when you are in a system and you hover the mouse pointer over a planet to find out it's name and coordinates.

Year 7 Day 308 12:07
Uh, what browser are you using? I never use the status bar to get information about the location, I usually get a small tooltip window with that information.


Year 7 Day 308 15:28
I use IE however would popup blocker be the problem?

edit: no, disabling popup blocker didn't do it.

I've linked a screenshot below. Note that the mouse pointer was over the 1st tavern on the right but didn't make it in the print screen screenshot. In the lower left corner is the error message I'm talking about.


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Year 7 Day 308 17:54
David Kellar
David Kellar
Hmm that is odd, but IE has several issues with SWC on occasion, does it do it in another browser as well?

Year 7 Day 308 19:20
Haven't tried it yet on another browser but I'll look into it.

Year 7 Day 309 1:56
It looks like a javascript error. Could you try to get the actual error message (try double-clicking the icon)?
The popup isn't a regular popup but rather a tooltip-style message that usually tells you the details, so it's not affected by any popup blocker.
Otherwise, you can always try Firefox :)


Year 7 Day 309 3:38
That sounds like the problem. I will check my updates/settings to make sure nothing is wrong in my javascripts. I dl'd firefox last night but didn't set it up yet so that's another thing to try.

I'll let you know what happened. Thanks in advance if one or both of these things work! :)

Year 7 Day 312 6:27
James Nathanial
James Nathanial
I too am having this problem. What I have noticed though, is that it is only in the two "windows" of the scenery. For the little popup text appears when the mouse is hovered over the news, msg, events, buttons. But then again, I have tried to do the best without it because everything else seems to be working. (except the items page now)


Sienar Conglomerate
Year 7 Day 312 6:43
While the tooltip popups for the other parts of the site (the notifier icons etc.) are simple HTML "title" attributes for the images, the travel system uses a javascript based system that allows for a lot more flexibility. Unfortunately, IE apparently doesn't know how to handle a little simple javascript.


Year 7 Day 314 20:42
Yeah I tried to change the properties of my security and advanced options in the Tools/Internet Options menu but no luck.

It does seem that IE is not too easy to tinker with to get the javascript to work. I still haven't tried firefox mozilla yet but I'm thinking this is the way to go for me at least to properly use the combines' features.

Year 7 Day 314 23:27
Kirit Hin`Kirl
Kirit Hin`Kirl
Just get firefox, it's superior in every way.

Year 7 Day 361 23:12
James Nathanial
James Nathanial
Yep, going to firefox helped. Don't have any of the problems I was having with IE. The more I kept playing, the more little annoyances liked that happened. No tooltip helps, no inventory (except in the Forum pages). But firefox fixes all that. Thanks guys. (and gals)


Sienar Conglomerate
Year 7 Day 365 16:13
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Victor Demarcus
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