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Year 7 Day 311 6:15
I was "born" on Klatooine and seem to be the only sentient being on the entire planet? All the NPC's refuse to answer me :(
I have joined a faction but it will be a week before a ship comes to get me. White Scenario training takes months to get started (so I'm told?) and there's nothing in the shop on Klatooine to spend my meger savings on?

To quote a well known TV show;
"I'm a Klatooinian, get me out of here"!!



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Year 7 Day 311 8:11
Aiden Cook
Aiden Cook
You are the only sentient on the planet because there are only 6 members of your race.

Year 7 Day 311 15:22
If you are interested in White Scenarios, you should note that training is not required, and is most often something roleplayers sign up for while they're RPing to touch up their skills. You can sign up for a scenario at any time, provided there are open requests in the Scenario Requests forum, without having had training first.

Travel times can't really be helped; you can wander around the city in the meantime or find a speeder rental and travel by vehicle, but in general you'll just need to be patient. Your faction may have something for you to do on their forums, or some faction training program to help you get started.



Year 7 Day 312 2:32
Thanks for the replies.

I understand about the dire lack of fellow Klatooinians, but it would be nice if the NPC's responded...

I have been wandering around the city, but the tavern isn't open, the shop is empty and there's nothing to spend my credits on. I have tried RPing on my Factions site in the public area (as technically I'm still not at their academy) but neither GM or other players have replied. I postd twice in the RPG Centre but again no response :(

There is one white scenario open, maybe I'll have more luck there...



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