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Archives » Kicking a person off a ship??
Year 7 Day 311 11:33
Leila Halcyon
Leila Halcyon
I suppose you get this a lot, but I have a ship with a person that's gone inactive on it. The ship is an X-wing, and I can't even get on board because of the one passenger limit.

Help please?

Year 7 Day 311 13:51
You need to have it in a docking bay (tractor it) or on a planet (NPC it, maybe?) and then when you go to enter it, there should be an option to kick that person off so you can get in.


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Year 7 Day 313 6:21
If the ship is in the atmosphere or in space and you are in a ship that has room for at least one more person(ex. a freighter) in the same square, make yourself Commander and Pilot, go to the entrance and there should be an option to board the ship outside and to kick the passenger. When you kick the passenger, he/she will go aboard the freighter. The point is, there has to be somewhere for the passenger to go safely if you are in space. This worked for me.


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Year 7 Day 313 18:40
Leila Halcyon
Leila Halcyon
Well, there is somwehere safe for the person to go but it still doesn't work.

Year 7 Day 315 15:12
Leila Halcyon
Leila Halcyon
I think the problem is that I'm not Commander of the ship.