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Year 7 Day 312 18:27
Ok, so I was a memeber of the faction Invisible Army. I was piloting one of their vehicles, and, whatever happened, Invisible Army doesn't exist anymore. Meaning I no longer have permission to pilot this vehicle. Meaning I'm stuck... what should I do?

Year 7 Day 312 19:37
Lexxa Sunnar
Lexxa Sunnar
I don't know how Faction ships work, I know if the owner dies the pilot would get ownership of it. Go to inventory and see if you have it listed in your assigned ships log. If not, look in the market under control and it will say where you are and help could be sent.


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Year 7 Day 312 20:11
Well, as far as I know, the faction was simply disbanded... the owner's not dead, and I can't pilot it. And I don't know what anybody else could do, even if help COULD be sent...

Year 7 Day 313 1:01
The Invisible Army was stripped by the leader and allowed to dissolve. The former leader might have it, or he might have given it away/sold it. You might try asking the last person you knew was leader, and see what you can find out from there.


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Year 7 Day 313 17:30
Ah. Didn't know what'd happened, haven't been here for a while.

I've messaged Koz Ofyurdeth, but he hasn't responded yet. So, guess I'll have to wait.

Year 7 Day 315 18:51
Taggarung :)

My job is saving people, good to see ya back mate :)
I'll find ya!




Year 7 Day 316 12:02
Good to see you too, man. You're a life saver... seriously.
I was about to just...
Jump out of the ship.