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Archives » problem with banner exchange
about 6 weeks ago i placed 2 banners on the banner exchage and they have not been accepted yet and they are very mutch swc related i was woundering if anyone could help me

Send a mail to the e-mail address for the banner exchange listed on the Contact Us page (linked at the top of every SWC page). The person(s) who receive e-mail sent to that address will be able to help you.



Year 7 Day 320 15:17
i have already sent two emails but with now replys now that i have posted here however they have been accepted but no cps have been sent but i suppose that takes a little time

Year 7 Day 320 15:43
I accepted accounts last night before going to bed, hopefully tonight before bed I can reward with cps :)



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thx guys you have been a great help i owe you one

sorry to bother you again i relise that you are very busy but it has been a few more days now and i still havent recived the cps i just thought that you may have forgot with all the work that you have to do