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Year 7 Day 320 7:18
hi on friday i used the pay by phone option of donating 35 euro on the advert for this it says that it is instant however i still have not recived my cps and i would relay like them please could you solve this problem as soon as posible

Year 7 Day 320 8:16
Chise Ekando
Chise Ekando
If it was Friday and today's Monday then you have to consider that there were no actions of any kind on any bank over the weekend. And it can't be 100% instant anyway, due to certain technical reasons. I'd say it will be added once the money is actually on SWC's bank account, which may take a few days.



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Year 7 Day 320 15:14
o.k thank you for your help with this problem

Year 7 Day 323 4:28
Ashrcer Ginn,

It seems you did not follow the phone instructions correctly. According to the DB logs I have here, you asked for a donation of 35? but you stopped the call before it was over.

If you want to make another test, do a donation for one euro (1.0?) and do not stop your call until the voices tells you it is ok to stop. You will have to stay on the phone for a minute of 2.

It is the duration of the call which is important.


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Year 7 Day 324 8:29
thx for the info thank you