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Year 7 Day 324 20:51
Kolran Laster
Kolran Laster
I know this may sound silly, but where do you go to get into a game? What is a market, or more importantly where do you go to get into a market? How come they don't have Mandalor' as a species? How come they think Corellian and Human are different? Oh, and how do you go in and describe yourself, you know the profile. Basically I just need to know where to go, I can figure it out from there.

Year 7 Day 324 21:06
Kolran Laster
Kolran Laster
Okay, I figured out everything except where to go to play, where the market is, and where you go to change your Avatar. Oh, and whre you go the join a 'clan'. I heard about those, they give you vehicles, right?

Year 7 Day 324 22:59
Mandalorians, as a species, are extinct in Star Wars. Those claiming the name now are simply other species continuing the traditions. We actually have a group here doing that. Corellians are considered different from average humans because those from the planet are inclined towards certain skills. It's the same with the other human "subspecies". I'm not sure who decided to add them, but I think it was to add more variety since so many people just chose human, and all had the same skill bonus.

The market on your menu is to access the NPC market - basically the possessions of dead people being sold by the server. It can be accessed from certain specific facilities, of which there is a decent list on the RPG Centre, in the Traders Lounge forum. You might try a Search for it - located at the bottom of each forum, I believe.

You play from this website interface - most usually the Position and Cockpit screens (once you get access to a ship).

"Clans" are known around here as "factions". You can go to Manage -> Faction on your menu, and join one from there. There's also a list of all of them with some information (and links to their websites) that can be reached from the Rules section, and also from some other pages like the Sim News. Once you join a faction, they can arrange to have you picked up and most will assign you the use of a ship, and anything else you might need while working for them. They'll also give you some stuff to do, though it's advantageous if you can find ways to amuse yourself.

Your avatar can be changed from Manage -> Character, and then editing your profile. You'll need the image uploaded on the web somewhere, not just on your own computer.


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Year 7 Day 325 8:16
Kolran Laster
Kolran Laster
Okay, thanks a lot. If you don't mind I have two other questions. How many planets are there? And at midnight, couldn't one person take over all of the planets and put the other clans out of business?

Year 7 Day 325 8:33
Most of the planets are visible through the rules page, Galactic Map part, however there are also hidden systems that contain planets and are invisible from the map.

Midnight? What midnight? Since this game is played all around the world, when you have midnight in one time zone, you have noon in another one. Besides, taking over planets is a very slow and possibly expensive process (depending on how you do it) and only possible in certain few cases at this time, so it's not possible to put a faction out of business by taking over a planet.


Year 7 Day 325 9:05
Kolran Laster
Kolran Laster
Oh, okay. So basically all of the factions will be at each others throats forever?

Year 7 Day 325 9:23
No, not necessarily. There are several ways a faction can dissolve and once combat is released, those will be made a little easier. I suggest taking a look at the rules pages once in a while, they contain a lot of details that might answer your questions.