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Archives » Small/Mid sized freighters
Year 7 Day 325 21:25
Currently what I have seen for ships and their cargo caps is a huge leap from what a YT-1210 can carry( 100T/500M ) to that of a AA-9 (75,000T/80,000M) and still retain the ability have a Hangar bay and land on planets.As a surveyor,I tend to travel from planet to planet with an FK-7 and a Groundhog which combined total 283T/828M.One ship isnt enough and yet the other is severe overkill,and most other factions will tend to use a bulk freighter for the transport of both those vehicles.My question is will we ever see a freighter that falls under the Small/Mid sized category with say 1000T/1000M to 2500T/2500M cargo cap?And mind you I said freighter and not a small Capitol ship.

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Year 7 Day 326 0:24
Sure we will - when someone R&Ds one.


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Year 7 Day 326 0:37
Kirit Hin`Kirl
Kirit Hin`Kirl
Or when someone would put all the stats in line, like what was supposed to have happened already...