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Year 7 Day 327 15:47
Well. My FRiend let me pilot one of his ships.Then one day, I Can no longer pilot the ship. HE Claims To Have SOLD It But WHen i Contact the guy who should have the ship, He says he doesnt have it. I Dont Even Know My Friends Handle(too long)and he moved to FLorida. What should I Do? All i know is im in an N-1 Starfighter at position -140,-350. please help

Year 7 Day 327 16:18
Probably the most you can do is get someone to pick you up from that spot. Whoever has it now probably isn't going to keep you piloting it for them, so you might as well get on to other means of transportation.


Year 7 Day 327 19:14
The e-mail of the owner is ingo@sorosuub.com. If he won't assign you the ship long enough for you to travel to a planet and unboard, do as Kagan suggested and arrange for IC pick-up. Your faction should be more than willing to help.



Year 7 Day 329 15:09
I Would be Glad To do that but:

1:I Am not part of a faction

2: NO one can pick me up.

Year 7 Day 329 16:03
Check the Classifieds for transport services, or contact a transport faction. You said you know your coordinates, so anyone should be able to pick you up. It is advised that you join a faction anyhow, so if you were to do that first you'd likely get a free pick-up as well.



Year 7 Day 331 17:04
I HAve Sent a transportation, I Am still curious how they will pick me up if im inside a ship

Year 7 Day 331 17:25
If they're in the same square, they add you to the crewlist and you simply board their ship.


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