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Year 7 Day 328 17:59
Stros Donau
Stros Donau
I know this'll be closed, but I feel like I get to defend myself. Yes, I know my post was not the "lightest" in the world. But it was my IC character stating his views on the NAO/Ismays, and then resigning from it. How is this not a RP, and how was it breaking the rules?

Year 7 Day 328 19:00
Assuming it's the same post you spammed all over the NAO forums, then no, it's not IC. 'Bug' 'priviliges' 'faction' are all OOC.


"The power to destroy a thing is the absolute control over it."- Dune
Year 7 Day 328 20:01
Stating your IC views is not the same as actually roleplaying your character in a specific situation -- as would be quite clear by looking at any of the other Meeting Hall threads. Feel free to contact WvI to learn all about the distinction. In addition, what you ask is not something you need someone with database access to assist you with, and as such you are in the wrong forum. You've already been directed to WvI several times.