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Year 7 Day 331 16:41
The new scanning seems to have lost NPCs:

There are 15 right in the same room with me in the Entrance/Exit room of my ship, but I can't see them. (When in Cockpit mode, it reports 16 Passengers, so I know durn well they're there.) Further, when I hit Party, I don't get any list of NPCs I can add to my party--even though I'm Manager/Supervisor of the lot.

Year 7 Day 331 17:28
Hmm, yup, I can confirm this.

Although I can see the 6 NPCs I have in my party when I go to the party screen. They still don't show up on scanners. Other PCs do, though.


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Year 7 Day 331 20:11
I've been picking up NPCs for days and now I can't find them when I leave my ship to add the NPCs to my party. I can see them on my ship scanners, but once I'm outside, they are gone.
Also, the city map picture doesn't match up with the actual buildings. It's like just some random picture. So now I have to scan do find anything, and when I get there, its gone.

Year 7 Day 331 22:28
Roaking Fs
Roaking Fs
Glad to see that it's not just me that has invisible NPCs. I thought they were all hiding from me and snickering somewhere...

Year 7 Day 332 0:23
me too. cannot brawl with my brawler npc in my hanger by as I cannot see him. cannot have him "join party" either.


Year 7 Day 332 1:50
Has been fixed on the dev server and we'll be syncing again in the next day. Sorry for the trouble.


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Year 7 Day 332 3:31
Roaking Fs
Roaking Fs
Thanks Khan. We appreciate it! :)