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Year 7 Day 334 8:37
Is it just me, or are now no longer allowed to click on terrain to move to it? My cursor never changes in the 'cross terrain' screen, and the blocks I can move to just appear highlighted green. I must still go to the drop down menu to actually select my destination tile. Also, hovering over a square doesn't show me its x/y coords, so I have to count blocks when moving.

Were things changed, or should I just get a new browser?


Year 7 Day 334 9:33
There were other changes to the map display, so it's possible that this is something new. If you're using Firefox, that's a good bet. If you're not, you should--SWC is designed to run in FF.


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Year 7 Day 334 11:03
I've noticed the same thing, and I use Firefox. Seems like it happened right after the server synch the other day.


Year 7 Day 334 14:20
Aye, I use FF as well. Is this an unwanted side effect or the actual plan for the interface...or, what I'm trying to ask is 'Should I just get over and get used to this new type of movement' ?


Year 7 Day 334 18:35
If you click the green squares it should reload the cross terrain window with that set of coords selected. I'll have a fiddle on dev and see what I can do about the cursor.

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Year 7 Day 334 19:46
The cursor is no issue, but I couldn't get the page to reload or the drop down box to change coords by simply clicking the green highlighted squares, that's why I came here.


Year 7 Day 334 20:28
Yeh, the cursor is just a side issue.

By the sounds of it it may be a JavaScript error. Can you post back here when you're ready to cross terrain again please? I'll login as you at that point and see if I get it as well. I've not had any problems with cross terrain on dev, but it may be a planet-specific issue.

Edit: I've updated dev so that it'll change the cursor to a hand if it's over an area that you can click, be it sensors, travel or cross terrain.

Edited By: Khan on Year 7 Day 335 0:39

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Year 7 Day 335 3:53
Sure, no problem. I'll be crossing terrain in about 40 minutes when my regular travel is done. I want to move one square to the left (if you're logging in as me). Let me know how that goes. I'll just idle here in this square until I read otherwise on this forum

EDIT: Everything appears to work fine. I still don't get a different cursor, but the clicking works and really that's the main issue. Thanks much

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Year 7 Day 335 20:01

The cursor changes won't appear here until we sync on the weekend.


Kids these days!