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Year 7 Day 334 19:40
Vencenti Malcuro
Vencenti Malcuro
Simply pout I have tried now to join up with at least 7 different Factions. Most never replied those that did said no

I have come to realize now that there may not be a faction that is willing to take my er...race choice. So I am not cretin what to do. Is it better to now try and go it solo, or should I just call it quits?

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Year 7 Day 334 19:46
Trent Hackworth
Trent Hackworth
Dunno what to tell you. I know a few factions are accepting more ALien and non-human races like Diversity Alliance and i am not sure but the Rebel Alliance may take non humans. You could also look into one of the Info Factions as most of the time your race dosent matter. Or as a last option you could look into getting A/E'd and restarting as a human. :)

Year 7 Day 334 20:07
Vencenti Malcuro
Vencenti Malcuro
starting as a human is what I am trying to avoid. There is no fun in conformity.

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Year 7 Day 334 23:58
I don't know how long you've been waiting, but patience might also be in order. Not everything happens instantly. It all depends on who is online at the time.


Year 7 Day 335 0:11
Vencenti Malcuro
Vencenti Malcuro
going on day 5 since I joined

Year 7 Day 335 0:22
I'm tempted to say that you've just picked the wrong factions to apply to. In my experience, most of them--particularly the large ones--are happy to pick up new employees and outside the Imperial factions, race isn't much of a factor.


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Year 7 Day 335 3:02
If you've tried 7 factions in five days you're probably just being far too impatient. Try sending a join request and actually waiting a couple of days for it to be accepted. The RA takes at least a few days for security checks, I don't know why these can't be done after accepting but i'm sure they have their reasons.


Year 7 Day 335 8:29
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Vencenti Malcuro
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Year 7 Day 335 15:17


Year 7 Day 335 16:53
Sending a new join request cancels the old one, so that may have been part of the problem.

I realise your issue has been resolved, but you might need the information in future, or some other new joiner may see the thread and have their question answered.


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