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Year 7 Day 335 23:48
I recently joined a faction, and that faction soon after came to pick-up me. Today, on my General Event Page, I saw:
Year 7 Day 334, 17:50 You have been added to the crew registry of the DP-20b Gunship (Ship Name Withheld).

So what do I have to do now? Still wait a couple more hours? Or press what buttons to board the ship? Please Reply Quick :)


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Year 7 Day 336 1:45
You will need to board the ship from your Position screen, once it's at your location. You can easily check by going to Position -> Travel (although you should automatically be on this screen) -> Enter.

If the ship is at your location, it will show up (and you then hit the new Enter button to get on the ship). If it doesn't, then the ship is not.

You can also go to your scanners screen to see if you can see the ship in the city you're in.

If those both fail, you can get in touch with your faction and ask who is piloting the ship, then contact the pilot directly and ask them where they are and what their ETA to your position is.


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