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Archives » Help, still stuck in ship.
Year 7 Day 340 15:47
I'm in a transport ship on the ground. It says that the docking port is closed so I can't get out. Does the pilot need to open it or something because they haven't logged on in a really long time. It's been like, 3 weeks. help please...

Year 7 Day 340 19:10
The ship is in space at the moment. The person assigned as pilot is Crucius Thalos and is quite active, you can contact him through DM. See what you can do about resolving it that way, let me know if it doesn't work and we'll see what else can be done.


Kids these days!
Year 7 Day 340 20:16
Ok, I'll DM him. Just curious. How do you know what ship I was on?.

Year 7 Day 340 20:22
Admins can look up your location info from just your handle.



Year 7 Day 340 20:35
Ah, I get it. Thanks anyways, i just messaged the guy.

Year 7 Day 341 21:33
*twitches* I need out. I hate this ship.

Year 7 Day 341 23:23
Zero Turner
Zero Turner
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Year 7 Day 342 16:03
Iiiii knowwwww....