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Archives » novice questions about of the mechanisms of prospecting
Nov Chebot
Nov Chebot
hi!, Can I make a couple of questions about prospect mechanisms?
I could not answer these questions reading in post or rules.

1) After you start prospecting you can leave the vehicle and back to the them one day after to see the result? The prospecting process will stop when you leave the prospecting vehicle?
2) If you leave the prospecting vehicle and the prospecting process finish (assuming that prospecting does not stop), who receibe the XP of this prospecting? (the pilot, the commander, the faction, nobody)


Oilios Katastrefor
Oilios Katastrefor
1) No. You have to stay at the same location you are prospecting. To decrease time though, you can use multiple vehicles.
2) You do. (The pilot) Its 50 xp for finding nothing, and 150 xp for finding a deposit.

You can move about in your vehicle as long as you dont try to cross terrain while propecting.I found that out by accident early one morning when I moved across a square and found out I was still prospecting while doing so.

As for leaving the vehicle while propecting,I dont know if you can and if the prospecting action will complete,but since it costs 10k+ to survey,I dont like wasting other peoples money to find out :)


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Xavze Zavan
Xavze Zavan
If you leave the vehicle before the scan is complete,it will be aborted.No result..just a waste of 10>11k


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