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Year 7 Day 347 8:54
I recently joined the banner exchange, put my website banner there, and was waiting for admin approval. Now I can't log into to the exchange to check status on it. It seems like my account doesn't exist anymore. What is the problem? When can I expect to be able to get back into my account and when can I expect approval?

Year 7 Day 347 9:08
I requested a new passwork, it said it couldn't find my email on file. So I recreated the account again. Then I noticed in my email that it did in fact send my password tho the system said it couldn't find it. Now Im afraid my banner exchange setup is screwed up. Please look into it and see it can be corrected.

Year 7 Day 347 17:47
I've deleted the second account and manually reset the password for your first. Have mailed it to you.


Kids these days!
Year 7 Day 348 17:39
Thank you, sir. =)